Steem Torch on His Next Journey to @flaxz

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At the very beginning, I would like to say that receiving the Steem #Torch is a big honor for everyone. And, of course, it is for me, also. I would like to give a big THANKS to my friend @bradleyarrow, who entrusted me for this honorable job.

The project is started by @geekgirl 9 months ago, and please check the original article here for more details about it and the idea in general. It is incredible how great Steemians are that this awesome torch is still traveling from one to another increasing its value! The community on STEEM is AWESOME!

And for the end, I would like to pass the Steem Torch to Erik Gustafsson (@flaxz) as he is one of the more hard-working Steemian out there. He is running various projects helping newcomers to get more exposure and learning others about affiliate marketing. Please, click on his username and follow him!

The Torch has passed from Steemian to Steemian 235 times.
I received 920.521 STEEM, and I have added 1 STEEM to the total.
The Torch now has 921.521 STEEM.


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Don't forget to follow, resteem and browse my steempage to stay connected with all the great stuff!

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Nice little relay you got going here guy's
Well done 1st to Bradley @bradleyarrow and then you Zoltan @ph1102 and congrats to Erik @flaxz. This is something I had not seen or heard about but makes for a interesting read and the concept is different. Here is hoping it makes it to the 1337 and that person does something worthwhile with it.

Thank you, sir!
It's a really interesting experiment, and it's awesome that it is still running and that nobody has broken the chain! It's all about trust and this awesome friendly community!

Thanks @cruisin, it's now gone to Eliana.

Hi @ph1102. Wow, the Steem Torch has wings now. Look at it fly. I'm so proud to know each one of you through CTP and CTPTalk. Awesome Tribe members. Thank you so much for continuing the Torch's journey. May he now take flight and soar.

Appreciate your participation. Have a great day, and take care.

Thank you for considering the awesome members of the #CTP tribe as a good Steem Torch Keepers... I'm sure that Erik will pass it to the right person! Because, we are all here friends, there is no mistake :)

Fantastic stuff. Great job my friend and we all know you passed it off to great hands.


I have received it from one good friend and passed it to the other... It can't be wrong... :)

Well done Zoltan, and thank you very much for trusting it to me, I will make sure to pass it on to the next person tomorrow, stay awesome.

You are welcome and you deserve to be one of the Steem Torch Keepers!

Thanks Zoltan, and it's been passed on to @elianaicgomes now.

The best person for keeping the Torch!