Choose Your Tribe…

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Choose the people you surround yourself with carefully. Tribes matter & will contribute to your success & failure. 

Your tribe, the people you choose to surround yourself with, are the most important resource to the success or failure of your business. 

I have belonged to a lot of different marketing groups that provide training, coaching, sales platform, etc. On first sight it is an amazing opportunity. While working with the people, products, services you find that you are spending much more than you are making every month. 

The beginning warning signs are evident verbiage like “Are You All In?” And or “You have to Pay to Play” You will also find that the entire system is geared more to you upgrading to their highest membership in order to access the training that will start earning you those sweet profits. 

Be aware that a Tribe which requires you to spend $1,000s before you make a dime seems incredibly counter productive. Also unlikely, what you have failed to make any money so far but spending your life savings or maxing out all of your credit cards, or even worse borrowing the money from family or friends. 

Run Fast Run Far

When these Tribes & opportunities present themselves to you, run fast & far, because these systems will bleed you dry and leave you with nothing but frustration and debt. 

Not to worry, the Tribe for you will teach do not invest more than you can afford to burn. 75% pull & 25% push. Show up every day and engage with others so they may get to know like & trust you.  

Build your brand, build your business. Demonstrate value to others and others will value you. 

I could go on and on but I think you get it. Many preach leaving your comfort zone, but there is a massive difference between venturing from your comfort zone & a complete absence of common sense. 

Trust your gut you know the difference between being a bit nervous from trying a new thing or feeling absolutely sick because you know you are doing something so wrong. A quick example is spamming, Many people spam simply because their tribe is teaching & preaching this as a money maker. 


I really dislike selling anything to anyone. When I feel pressured to buy I usually just shut down. Same go's if someone connects with me on Facebook and then starts to try and sell me something I immediately block them. They really didn't want to be my friend they just want to use me.. Any way that is how I feel about it. As far as tribes go in Hive and CTPTalk there are good tribes out there, I just don't always feel that I have anything to contribute so I don't. Sorry if this does not make any sense.

Thank you so much for the comment and it makes complete sense. I am with you it is weird I mean don't they know they are abusing the social network making it less social and more telemarketing, which is why I completely avoid Linkdin because it is not a professional social network where people exchange ideas it is a spam platform that they want to charge a monthly fee to spam their membership lol