Team Future Faith - Introducing The Community

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I like to take this time to Welcome You and Introduce You to #TeamFutureFaith!!

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What is Team Future Faith?

My vision for Team Future Faith community is to build a tribe of like minded people who is holding on to their crypto and building for the future.

Team Future Faith is for all believers who have 'FAITH' in crypto currency and 'FAITH' that holding for the long term will increase the value to exponential savings.

While I may post some stats about the community, at this time I don't know how often I will do that. This is a new step in my journey and I still have a lot to learn about how some things work.

Our Plans For Now ...

We will look for quality post in relation to holding crypto for the future, contest of interest, & income/mining/tipping tokens. This is not an all inclusive list but mostly what I'll be looking for.

Our goal is to help you build for the future so we will tip several pieces of content on a daily basis with #beer #luv #pizza #engage #BBH & #wine

What not to post or tag to us?

I'm not interested in financials, crypto news, stats & figures, these things are better suited in LeoFinance.

I don't want to step on toes or take from others so natural living/medicine, food, building, art, writing, and games are also a 'no no'.

This is not to say that I won't tip in these categories but I won't be looking for them or want this tag tied to them. That's something I will leave for my personal account.

Plans For The Future ...

In the coming weeks I will start to share some contest with prizes of crypto, most likely to be mining or income tokens. Before we can do that we will need to builg up our own supply of tokens.

At a later date we will create our own token.
I'm planning on making it stakable as well as possibly creating a mining token.
Our token will also be a tipping token.

We can use a little help to get us going >>>>

In order to get things up and running I need some donations (not delegations) of the following tokens;

Tipping tokens;

    1. Beer
    1. Pizza
    1. Wine
    1. Luv
    1. BBH
    1. Engage

Income tokens;

@INDEX - Hive Engine Index
@CTPSB - CTP Swarm Booster
@BRO - Brocoin
@DHEDGE- Disco Hedge
@UTOPIS- Utopis
#COM - Hivecommerce Token

We also need Liquid BEE to help with the creation of the token and miners.

We will accept donations of any hive engine token and only delegations of #CTP, #LEO, #WORKERBEE & #HIVE

I @successchar want to keep things as simple as possible so I will not be using discord but I may make a telegram group for support & questions.

Thank You for your FAITH!!

Still working on a logo and cover.

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This is a nice idea, @successchar! So, you're looking for posts from people talking about stacking and holding pretty much any type of crypto and building for the future. Very specific and focused. I like that.

Yes that's rright and Thanks @lisamgentile1961!

Good Morning and You're welcome, @successchar! Enjoy your day! 😀

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