When was the last time you edited your profile?

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When was the last time you have actually made updates on your profile?


A profile is basically one of the most important settings which you are required to create during when you first created your account. For those that are here before the HF, I guess all the settings were from days of Steem. One thing I noticed is that there are settings that are still not updated and some still use Steem preferences.

I guess it's time to update right?


Now that Hive is more than three months, it is the right time to update our profile especially those that still use Steem preferences. Not only that, even the tag, the contact and even the photos should be updated. I've seen some earlier accounts which still stayed the same information. Tried contacting them via the contact given but was unable to be contacted because the information was not updated. But that's really normal because I did too.


The profile is essentially the basic information than represents the outer layer of our characteristics. Of course the more you tell, it is most likely people can easily reach out to you. The less you give, the harder the people can talk to you. But then, that is up to you because that's your profile. The point here is, make sure all information is updated.

A Simple Edit Profile tutorial


Since we are talking about profiles, I might as well put in some Edit Profile basic tutorial. Edit your profile is basically the easiest process you can do on Hive and it only takes less than a minute to update the settings. Subsequently, the process to update profiles may differ between platform but it usually can be found in Settings. Remember, different platforms stored Setting in a different layout. I will briefly explain on hive.blog, decency and peakd since these are the main used platforms.

Edit Profile in Hive.Blog


To update your profile in hive.blog, it can be simply found in the Settings as in the screenshot posted above. Insert data accordingly and click Update. Done!

Edit Profile in Ecency


Meanwhile, the setting in Ecency can be found in your profile and clicking the small pencil (edit) on the right-hand side.

Edit Profile in PeakD


For PeakD, the setting can be found immediately at the centre. Update your information accordingly and click update.

That said, editing your profile can increase your motivation and means of people to connect with. Hence, don't forget to look at your profile and there a few am


Thanks for the reminder and the brief tutorial. You are right about occasional updates. They are a very good idea.


Glad it aided you 😉

I came to hive a week after the HF. Was never on steem. But I've updated my profile 3 -4 times since already. I keep fonding new things that I shouldve done already, lol.

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That's awesome 🤩

Thankfully I didn't have any changes since I created it on Steem way back when, unless the image gets removed if Steem gets shut down.

Good idea though if you have your info pointed to something Steem related!

One year ago I updated my profile 😂

And I just updated mine too 😂

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