$10 Tuesday & The Transformer of Death!!

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What better way to get a little skin in the game than joining in on #tendollartuesday. Scoring up that change from the the week, rob your kids piggy bank, get that $10 and buy your favorite crypto and post up about it on Tuesday. Now how easy is that, it’s like taking cash from a kid candy from a baby. Now I really hope nobody is taking me serious on this whole stealing from your kids thing wether it be candy or money. Yet it does often times feel like them kids are stealing from you as a parent :wink:wink. Enough of this parental talk... Let’s...

Buy Some Crypto!!!


Now you all know me better than that. My crypto buying addiction I haven’t quite got control of yet. Plus the fact that the Bitcoin ATM Fiat-Eatin’ Monster loves the taste of my USD!! So this time around I decided to go the @blocktrades route and start stacking up some Steem for the @splatz curation account. So in goes the $10...


Then a little more...


Trade initiated...


Talk about fast!! By the time I walked out of the Chevron Gas station where the Bitcoin ATM is, to my truck... that Steem was in the @splatz account. Talk about dependable and fast good grief!! Nice work @blocktrades!! Now @splatz is close to 1,000 SP in total. Maybe I might kick a little more over there just to put it over that 1,000 Steem Power mark.

Now things were going really well as far as $10 Tuesday is concerned. I had probably the fastest @blocktrades transaction using bitcoin ever and I got @splatz some more Steem Power. But that seemed short lived once I encountered the Transformer of Death!! Snakes and Black Widow Spiders all hiding in one transformer. When I first came to this transformer to disconnect it for the electricians it was full of mouse feces!! 🤮🤮 The smell was Awful!!! This time as I looked inside I see a little Snake of some kind in the back. It was wiggling it’s tail like it was suppose to have a rattle but it was too young yet.


As I looked around the rest of the transformer cabinet that is covered in spider webs I notice a Black Widow scurrying all over the place!!


I have mentioned this in previous posts that I am not a “Fan” of spiders or Snakes. I don’t care if they are harmless I just flat out don’t like them. I’m not terrified or scared of them... I just don’t care for them one bit. So seeing yet another baby snake inside the Transformer had me wondering if there were anymore slithering around...

Looky There...


So 2 baby snakes and a black widow all hanging out inside one transformer. Yep, this transformer is the official transformer of death. All I have to say is thank God I had this person to come cheer me up after reconnecting that customer. Yep you guessed it...

The $10 Tuesday Cheerleader


Well I hope to see a few more people joining in on #tendollartuesday in the weeks to come. All you have to do is buy or trade $10 of your favorite crypto and post up about it. Simple as that. Also add a little story too, that always makes things better.

I isn’t No Financial Advisor Guy So only invest what you can afford to lose.


Until Next Time...

Steem On


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$10 at a Time

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There is only one Transformer of Death!!!!

Dah hahaha

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First things first, you make one homely looking cheerleader. Maybe without the beard you would be a little cuter. Never realized that snakes and Black Widow spiders were some of the other hazards you had to deal with. Those snakes don't look like your typical garden snakes.
I don't care for snakes either, and I'm afraid if I were you, I would have called in for some backup.
Stay safe.

Hey, the $10 Tuesday cheerleader is one sexy he/she. HAHAHAHA. Living in the desert portion of Washington there are a good amount of snakes here. One time down on the Snake River... at a river pump station we ran across 6 rattlesnakes. Yep we killed them all!! There is a bunch of boulders piled up on the river bank and I think they have a den under there.

I used my hotstick and slung them little guys out of the transformer and gave them the what-have-ya. Lol

That is @papa-pepper's wet dream transformer! I would have had to play with all them myself.

I would do the same with tendollartuesday but the atm is a major shlep since I am not out and about on service calls anymore. We need more than just 2 in Spokane.

I know right!! I just grabbed them with my hotstick and threw them out in the field. Then killed that dang black widow. 😉

I ran across this atm literally by accident every time I looked I never saw anything close to me in walla walla. Then out of no where this one popped up just down the road from my work. I am not a big fan of the fees but for speed, convenience and some anonymity, i tell myself it is worth it 😉

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Glad to see ya @esteemapp. I’ve missed you the last couple times. 😜😜 Ive been trying to use the app more and get more comfortable with it. You know once you use something for a while, the new takes a little getting used to. Cheers!!

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As usual, I'm impressed by the amount of effort it takes to keep the systems we take for granted up and running every day.

I would have thought that exposure to high voltage was already enough of a risk for you guys but spiders and snakes takes it to another level. (I think I'll stick to Minecraft, where you can put down a torch and it just burns forever.)

Of course I need electricity to keep the computer running. Damn. Any words of advice as I set up my new gas generator from Home Depot this weekend?

You are too funny @jlspatts, that cheerleader is one ugly duckling.
I like your style, slow and steady, keep feeding that bitcoin beast.
As far as the snakes and spiders, good luck man, them was scary.

I am a stone cold killer when it comes to those dang things. Other than that I am a pretty nice guy... at least I think so anyway.
Easy on the cheerleader she has had a rough life. LOL