Awesome Weekly Spotlight #31 - Plus Payouts To Delegators

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This Is Awesome

Welcome to Awesome Weekly Spotlight #31, and it will feature the Awesome Daily Spotlight posts of the past week.

Awesome Weekly Spotlight Week 48

So let's start, and they will be presented in the order of Monday to Sunday, depending on the day they got the Awesome Daily Spotlight.

Monday: 🎥 Cryptocurrency Market Overview | 25.11.2019

  • This video was made by @cryptospa and it's his Cryptocurrency Market Overview and here he talks about Bitcoin and makes an in depth analysis of it's price chart with Technical and Candlestick analysis on different timeframes, it's awesome check it out.

Tuesday: It's Crypto Mondays - Oh Boy.....It's Time!

  • This video was made by @jongolson and it's a recording of a liveshow he made with @blainjones, and here they make their first announcement of the pre-launch for the CTP token IPN, plus they also talk about other interesting topics, such as the Black Friday deals in CTP and the current attack on SBI, check it out it's awesome.

Wednesday: Definitely WORK Hard but Smartly || Life Talk

  • In this video @rehan12 talks about the need to work both hard and smart in order to improve our life and business, you need both of them, just awesome.

Thursday: Are you ready to have some steem in your wallet?

  • In this video @certain talks about the opportunity that is right now to both earn and invest in Steem with the low prices and the lower amount of posts, it's awesome check it out.

Friday: Why it's important to bring more people on STEEM platform and How I am doing it

  • This video was made by @alokkumar121 and here he talks about the importance to onboard new Steemians, and how he works with this himself, check it out it's awesome.

Saturday: Blockchain Conference Alicante 2019

  • In this post @ph1102 writes about the blockchain conference that he is currently visiting and the many interesting subjects that they are talking about there relating to blockchain mass adoption, just awesome.

Sunday: Keep Trying Until Success || Present you as an Example to Others

  • In this video @hafizullah talks about the importance to not give up but to keep trying until you have the success that you want, it's awesome check it out.

Thank You!

So these where the Awesome Daily Spotlight posts and videos this week, and there is 1 such post or video per day, it gets a 100% upvote and resteem, and it is featured in the Awesome Daily report as well as in this Awesome Weekly Spotlight post, plus it also gets promoted on Twitter.

Thank you very much for reading this post and for supporting this project, it is run by @flaxz, and the goal is to "highlight Awesome Content, and growing the Steem ecosystem by rewarding it".

Rewards On Delegations

In order to attract delegations to this project we reward them with daily upvotes, and you can check the details in our latest Awesome Daily report, and also with payouts in SBI Units, and 100% of all liquid Steem and SBD earnings will go to rewarding delegators this way, leased Steem Power does not count for rewards in SBI Units, and neither does the delegation from @flaxz, since he is the owner of this project.

So on Sundays all SBD will be traded for Steem in the Steemitwallet market, and the Steem that has then been earned that week will be split between delegators according to their delegation status, and it's counted in full week delegations from Sunday to Sunday, plus partial week delegations will be added for every full days delegation they may have.

SBI Units will then be paid out once a delegator has full coverage for that according to their share of the earnings, and any remaining shares will roll over to the next week.

We have also started to give out 50% of our CTP token earnings to SP delegators, the other 50% will be staked, this is a high value token, and giving out 50% makes it more attractive to delegate and as we stake the other 50% we continue to build our stake in that token and our CTP voting value.

This Is The Rewards For This Weeks Delegations

The standing in our account right now is 14.610 Steem, and we had a roll over from last week of 4.846 Steem and that means this weeks earnings is 9.764 Steem, but only 9.760 Steem can be divided, so 0.004 Steem will roll over and be included in next weeks earnings.

We also had earnings of 287 CTP tokens of which 50% will be paid out to our delegators and the other 50% will be staked, and that means 143.5 CTP tokens to be split between our delegators.

@cryptospa also had a delegation of 111 SP for 4 days and 301 SP for 3 days, and that means his average delegation for the week was ((111x4)+(301x3))/7 = 192.428 = 192 SP.

NameDelegation SPDelegation %Ingoing RolloverRewardsTotal RewardsPayoutOutgoing RolloverCTP Payout
@cryptospa192 SP15.19 %0.186 Steem1.483 Steem1.669 Steem1 SBI0.669 Steem21.797 CTP
@alokkumar121100 SP7.91 %0.265 Steem0.772 Steem1.037 Steem1 SBI0.037 Steem11.353 CTP
@roger5120100 SP7.91 %0.939 Steem0.772 Steem1.711 Steem1 SBI0.711 Steem11.353 CTP
@fiberfrau22 SP1.74 %0.888 Steem0.169 Steem1.057 Steem1 SBI0.057 Steem2.498 CTP
@certain150 SP11.87 %0.789 Steem1.158 Steem1.947 Steem1 SBI0.947 Steem17.029 CTP
@reeta0119100 SP7.91 %0.192 Steem0.772 Steem0.964 Steem0 SBI0.964 Steem11.353 CTP
@pjansen100 SP7.91 %0.720 Steem0.772 Steem1.492 Steem1 SBI0.492 Steem11.353 CTP
@qurator500 SP39.56 %0.867 Steem3.862 Steem4.729 Steem4 SBI0.729 Steem56.764 CTP
Total1264 SP100 %4.846 Steem9.760 Steem14.606 Steem10 SBI4.606 Steem143.5 CTP

Screenshot from Steempeak wallet

Screenshot from Steem-engine


Delegate to this project using Steem Bot Tracker.

Our Tokens

We also have tokens in Steem-engine, and our general policy regarding tokens is that we stake all tokens that we get, given that they are stakeable and if not they will be staked once that is available, the exception is CTP tokens since we give out 50% of those earnings to our delegators, but we do stake the other 50%.

If there is any token that you think we should vote with but which we do not currently have, then feel free to delegate some, or gift it if delegation is not available, as stated above all tokens we get will be staked.

Token delegation does not count for any delegation rewards, but we will vote with them if the posts that we vote on include the relevant tags.

These are our current token holdings in Steem-engine, screenshots taken in Steempeak wallet.



These screenshots where taken before and after payouts and staking of CTP tokens.

As you can see our stake in CTP tokens has now grown to 4909, and the other tokens keeps on growing too, and as before especially ACTNEARN.

Final Thoughts

So this week @cryptospa increased his delegation from 111 SP to 301 SP, thank you very much.

We also had an organic growth of our Steem Power of 13 SP since last week.

As I also mentioned in last weeks weekly report, earnings in CTP tokens was less this week too, but the coming week will be back to normal, since the issue with tags has been fixed.

There has arised another problem during the last week, SBI and Upvotebuilders has been targeted with downvotes, and the latter had to close down because of it.

Upvotebuilders Is Closing Down

We had a delegation to them of 10 SP that has just been undelegated due to this shutdown.

When it comes to SBI these downvotes are delivered across the board, but especially targeted are the ones that increase their delegation, the ones that buy more SBI units and the ones that recieves those units.

And there is more, because they have also made it a goal to downvote any kind of votes as rewards for delegation all over the blockchain.

So far we have only been downvoted because of Upvotebuilders, but we could also be targeted for SBI payouts to our delegators, and for using part of our Voting Power to reward delegators.

I have no idea if they will be successful in taking down SBI, but their SP could be high enough since they have over 160k SP, so they could create a ripple effect by scaring people off, and I have seen a few of those tendencies.

But more worriesome is the risk of a direct target on this project due to the votes we give our delegators, should that happen then we have no way to counteract that.

I have a plan though where all of this changes, and where all delegators gets fully compensated for these changes, and I will make a post about this tomorrow, so look out for that, and when you as a delegator have read it I very much want your feedback on this idea.

Those where all thoughts for this week, a big thank you to all our delegators for your awesome support, and ...

Stay Awesome!

This Is Awesome

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Just stay awesome @thisisawesome, and do not let anarchists out of Poland fog your vision. As for SBI, that project will survive as long as there is Steem in the engine! That wee fellow in Poland will get bored and chase orca or whales instead. Just hope he chases killer whales, very hungry killer whales! Keep up your awesomeness, my friend!

Thanks for your vote of confidence @ianballantine, the thing is though he is not creating any content.

That's right. I know him and I have his name. He is part of the downvoting brigade. Check out my comments on his post: and the thread that has started. Leave him be, he's super-heroing on behalf of the Polish community here on Steem. A very small fish in one hell of a giant ocean!


Thank you for including my post, @thisisawesome!

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Thanks @cryptospa, and thanks for creating awesome content.

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