3Speak #52 - Small Tip on the Holybread Market

in hive-100421 •  2 months ago 

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I share something that happened when I bought a piece of epic equipment on Holybread at a bargain!

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Chesatochi crypto resources page: https://chesatochi.com/resources/

Chesatochi.com - For the love of crypto and coffee
PS: I am not a financial adviser and you need to do your own research.

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This is not cool. I didn't know that the items you bought can be less than 100%. You must have bought a very expensive piece of equipment if you had to pay 12'000 to mend it from 70 to 100%.... Another user I won't be able to beat anymore ;-)

Yes, you need to repair your equipment. The more you use it, the percentage decrease.

One more level before I can use it at level 32!

lol,that name "holybreak" always make me laugh whenever i hear that name.....

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It is a humoristic game. ;)

Been trying to fight ya on Holybread...And I've lost everytime LOL

You will beat me soon, keep playing. :)

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