Steem 2020

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Steem 2020

One thing we have to agree and that is Steem became Second Home 🏡 for many and we are part of this Awakening and Tokenised Ecosystem. But definitely there are lot of challenges specially when it comes to the Cryptocurrency Knowledge and for that we all have to do the Knowledge Transfer sessions.

Without spreading the word and effective Promotion no product will sustain effectively so we need both Large and Small scale promotions so that Steem Ecosystem can spread it's Wings more flexibly. In Decentralised structure at this moment we cannot expect Mega Promotions because we all know that then it will be total unrealistic aspect.

In my opinion Steem will monetise Internet and will become most effective Application Centric platform and i think that it's possible through the Smart Media Token Protocol (SMT's). And we should be happy that we already in Testnet Phase. So, i am really feeling exicted about that.

My Contribution.

I am Full Time Steemian, many said it's fullish decision and you will Financially break, i am financially broke but i am here not because just to accumulate something and out, i am here to accumulate the opportunities which can build the future. So as an Full Time Steemian it's my responsibility to put efforts towards the foundation of Steem Blockchain, and in my opinion foundation of Steem is people. I've faced both bulls and bears restlessly so i try to encourage and motivate others to see where Steem Ecosystem is moving.

I am not an Expert in anything but i am trying to put efforts while finding out Tasks which will add value to the Steem Blockchain. Below are few points regarding what i am doing to bring at least Point Percent value to the Steem Blockchain.

  • I am passionate about writing poetry, blogs, and creating video content, and sharing them on Twitter.

  • Participating in Bounty Programs on Steem Blockchain which is placed to bring visibility to Steem Blockchain by spreading the word of Steem on other Blogging Platforms and Spaces.

  • Pitching about Steem Blockchain on Twitter time to time.

  • I have to say that it's not something huge but last year I've printed my own Steem On T-shirts. You can find the below picture for your reference and want to do it again with different design in near future too. I've printed total 20 T-shirts in 2 Variety colours.


This journey was tough and is tough but Steem Journey made me tougher than ever.

In this video I've also dedicated a Poetry piece to all Steemians.

I want to appreciate the work of @pennsif and team. Stay blessed.

Steem On.


You can support my work through below mediums too.












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"This is my Opinionated work."

Stay Blessed.

Spread love and spread kindness.

Thanks and regards,
Chiranjeevi Sarikonda


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Hi @chireerocks

I agree that for many of us steem blockchain is almost like our second home :)

I dont usually use Is it similar to dtube? Is all content stored on steem blockchain? Just wondering since this site seem to be as slow as dtube.

Did you consider uploading videos also on youtube and sharing link with your audience? I personally would more likely open youtube over 3speak/dtube.

music in the background is a bit to loud in my opinion

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@crypto.piotr, When it comes to Threespeak then we have to pay Monthly Subscription Fees to access the platform for uploading the videos and yes content is stored on Steem Blockchain. Last time I've paid 30 Steem.

Threespeak videos are far more better than Dtube when it comes to the loading, but after Dtube launched the option where we can directly upload through YouTube Link makes it more preferable. Stay blessed brother.

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Hi @chireerocks

Wow Great friend entry, I wish you good luck.

I always thought that you were 100% dedicated to steemit but now you make it up to me. It's great that you're doing something you like.

When you do a job you like it is not called work.

Feel blessed that you can do it ..

Greetings from Venezuela.

Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement brother. Have a wonderful time ahead and stay blessed.

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Excellent post and video my esteemed full-time Steemian, I really congratulate you for your effort, perseverance and contribution in the blockchain of steem, in addition to bringing your creativity into poetry. Being part of the community is a great effort, since many users work on their things and have almost no time to publish, others organize and manage to post continuously, in my particular case I try to teach what I know in a good way So people can understand me. A hug from Inca lands of a Venezuelan who emigrated 3 years ago.

Excelente post y video mi estimado Steemian a tiempo completo, la verdad te felicito por tu esfuerzo, constancia y contribución en el blockchain de steem, además de llevar tu creatividad en poesia. Formar parte de la comunidad es un gran esfuerzo, ya que muchos usuarios trabajan en sus cosas y casi no tienen tiempo para publicar, otros se organizan y logran postear de forma continua, en mi caso particular trato de enseñar lo que sé de una buena manera para que las personas puedan entenderme. Un abrazo desde tierra incas de una venezolana que emigro hace 3 años.

@yanirauseche, Thank you so much for your beautiful words and keep doing the effective work and wishing you the great success and growth ahead. Stay blessed.

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Sir! Love to see your entry! It was you who taught me patience!
This contest looks tougher lot many entries are there.
Thank you!

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Welcome and thank you so much for your kind words.

In my opinion it's not matter how much competition is there, the most important aspect is we have to express ourselves. Stay blessed.

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@tipu curate

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👍 👍

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A positive outlook of steem year ahead.

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Yes. 🙂 👍

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Go! @chireerocks Go!! I am vouching for you to be among the winners of the #steem2020 contest.
All the best.
Good luck!!

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Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement. Stay blessed.

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going to be my 4th year then 😜

Great to know that. Wishing you more successful journey ahead. Stay blessed.

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Resteemed and upvoted @chireerocks

Thank you so much team and keep doing the Community Development work. Stay blessed.

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Wow!, that is a great vision @chireerocks, Steem 2020 is going to be great.

Yes. Thank you so much and stay blessed.

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Great motivation. Steem sure did foster an entrepreneurial spirit. This is something that should form the basis of global culture in the future.

Steem on.

Absolutely true. Have a great time ahead and stay blessed.

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I particularily agree with your emphasis on Knowledge Transfers.

I have sent you an INCOME token as my thanks for participating in this discussion.

Thank you so much for your kind words and every encouragement and appreciation reminds me why i am here and why i became Full Time Steemian. Stay blessed.

Thank you for entering the Steem2020 Contest.

Some great ideas...

Welcome and thank you so much for your kind appreciations. Stay blessed.

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