3speak Series #9 - #Failure - Your Stepping Stone To Success

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Hello 3speak and CTPtalk, this is Erik Gustafsson, @flaxz on Steem, 3speak and CTPtalk, and in this video I talk about #Failure and how it's a necessary stepping stone to success.

Success Requires Failure

If there is something that you want to succeed in then you have a lot of work to do in order to reach it, and that journey is never a straight line, maybe you even feel like giving up sometimes.

So along that journey you will have a lot of failures that you need to overcome, and adjust to.

Personal Failure

If it's a personal failure it's also understandable that you need time to take care of yourself, but the important thing is to remember what you learned from it and use that to succeed in the future.

Regret It And You Regret The Lesson

Now if you regret what happened you also regret the lesson that you learned from it, so take the lesson and us it to your success.

Failure And Success With Email Marketing

This is also applicable to your email marketing journey, you have to go through a lot of failures and adjustments in order to get a successful list, it's not as easy as just set it up.

So work on your list and make the adjustments that is needed to make it succeed with the feedback that you get from the failures on the way to get there.

This is my own personal opinion, do your own research before investing, and seek legal counsel if uncertain.

Enjoy watching the video!

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Stay Awesome!

Erik Gustafsson


Do your own research before investing.

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An other good post!! And it is very important what you say about; take care of yourself!!

Thank you very much Sig, yeah it is important, and do take care of yourself too, stay awesome.

great video and true we must learn from our failures

Thanks Howard, and exactly that is the way forward, stay awesome.