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Hello 3speak and CTPtalk, this is Erik Gustafsson, @flaxz on Steem, 3speak and CTPtalk, and in this video I talk about #Comments and how to create engagement.

My Inspiration

So I got inspired to do this video and about this particular subject from a comment made by @xplosive on my video yesterday, https://steempeak.com/hive-100421/@xplosive/re-flaxz-kfmwyzcw-20200115t181942368z.

It Starts With Passion

In my opinion getting comments and engagement always have to start with passion, about you being passionate, interested and having knowledge of what you are posting about.

If you don't have that then that will show to the peple interacting with you and they will loose interest, but if you do go with what you are passionate about then that will also show and you will start building your brand, and people with a similar interest will be attracted to it.

Engage With Other People Of Similar Interest

Now it's also important that you reach out and engage with people that share the passion and interest that you have, upvote and comment on the posts they make and have conversations, they will then be very interested what you have to say in your posts and you start building a community.


Tribes on your passion and interest is an even more effective way to interect and engage with people of a similar interest, you know where to find them, and you also earn a tribe token engaging with them, so it's even more incentivized.

I my self am very active in the CTPtalk tribe, that is where I have my home on Steem and where I can post about what I am passionate and interested about.

Find your tribe, or make your own community when SMT's arrive, and you will get a lot of engagement, that is my opinion.

This is my own personal opinion, do your own research before investing, and seek legal counsel if uncertain.

Enjoy watching the video!

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Stay Awesome!

Erik Gustafsson


Do your own research before investing.

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Great video, Erik. And great comments on yesterday's post... I have read them all and I have also seen those STEEM graphs that are not really awesome...

There are a lot of reasons for fewer posts and engagements on the STEEM, but that's not a topic of this post...

I'm really happy with the engagements that I get on my posts, and they are probably the mix of many factors... Some of them come just to get an upvote, because they know that I will upvote everyone... and that's fine...

But the majority comes because they get the feeling that I'm talking/writing about them... Why do they get that feeling? Probably because I write about the things that bother me personally, and things that are common for most of us...

I like to share my problems with others, but also my experiences if they can help others... So, I suppose that that is my PASSION, that you were talking in your video.

Thanks for sharing this with us!

Thank you very much Zoltan, and when you get personal and talk about your problems and your solutions to them, then that is authentic and honest and people see that, and even more if they can relate to those problems themselves through their own experience, that is even better and they can see your solution but they can also give you tips in return on how they handled the same problem, it's mutual interaction and community in action, stay awesome.

So, true! It works like that... I have a problem, share it... someone else has similar problem, and we help each other... Beautiful thing!

Exactly, and that is how friendships are formed, thanks for being my friend.

@flaxz, thank you for sharing your thoughts about how to create/increase engagement! You are absolutely right: we have to be passionate about the things we talk and communities we are part of. Thank you! Stay awesome!

Thanks @cryptospa, yeah that is really important, stay awesome.

This is great Erik.. and great timing! I've been frustrated as of late of my lack of creativity on my comments and curation. I'm tired of the same old, "Great job", way to go!!.. I'm looking to start up conversations and really LEARN from each post! It's time to dig in and engage!

Thanks Jenna, and that is great, go for engaging with posts and videos that you really like and have conversations with the authors, it's no fun intereacting with people that you have no interest talking too, I am sure you will do great, and stay awesome.

@flaxz, When it comes to the Social Networking it's all about the Interactions and through effective Interactions we build our profile for sure. Stay blessed. 🙂

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Thanks @chireerocks, and yeah that is true, we build community by having mutual interactions and conversations with people of a similar interest, stay awesome.

Welcome and thank you. 🙂