3speak Series #13 - #SteemOnboarding - The Importance Of Community

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Hello 3speak and CTPtalk, this is Erik Gustafsson, @flaxz on Steem, 3speak and CTPtalk, and in this video I talk about #SteemOnboarding and the importance of a supporting community.

The Overall Decreasing Active Userbase

So most of us know about the general decreasing active userbase on Steem, and many of us also wants to do something about it, and here I want to give my view of what is missing and what needs to be done to reverse this.

Why Are Steemians Leaving?

In my opinion this has to do with the lack of a supporting community, and I think this is also valid when looking at malicious downvotes by the way, with a supporting community behind that is much less relevant.

But it also has to do with the shift that has taken place where focus is no longer on the larger Steem community but on smaller ones gathering in tribes and with certain dApps, some Steemians no longer know where they fit in, and only the really big stakeholders are visible in the larger sense.

Onboarding New Steemians

When it comes to new Steemians that just got here, having a strong support is paramount, and the most successful communities to onboard people is tribes and dApps with a supporting community behind them.


It is no secret that I am very active in the CTPtalk tribe, and this is a great example of a strong and supporting community, and also onboarding new Steemians and growing that way, they become active and they stay active because of our community.

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Community Is Key

So the key to successfully onboard and retain new and existing Steemians is a strong and supportive community, and the parts of Steem that is going against the overall trend and are growing all have that part.

My advice is to replicate that success formula throughout the Steem ecosystem, and reverse this decreasing active userbase to start growing again, what do you think?

This is my own personal opinion, do your own research before investing, and seek legal counsel if uncertain.

Enjoy watching the video!

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Stay Awesome!

Erik Gustafsson


Do your own research before investing.

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Nice video, @flaxz! Great to hear that CTP brings a lot of new people to Steem blockchain. Let's hope that the recent Steem price hike wakes up some of the sleeping Steemians and that the higher price attracts new people to Steem Blockchain. If it happens, then the activity on Steem blockchain may stop to decline and even we may see a trend reversal.

So, stay awesome!

Thanks @cryptospa, yeah that is what I hope will happen, more parts of Steem needs to adopt the strategies that work though, stay awesome.

I agree. I hope, myself, and others will learn and help from the take away of information in this post.

Thanks Bradley, yeah I do hope so too, if the overall trend is a decreasing userbase, but parts are increasing then copy that formula and make it all grow, stay awesome.

This is good, this is info to "EAT" Thx a lot!! Respect

Thank you very much Sig, and even more so after checking the acronym, stay awesome.