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3Speak is the home of Free Speech on the internet. We exist because Silicon Valley has gone out of its' way to deplatform and demonetise individuals (many of whom have huge followings) because of their political beliefs, or the kind of content they upload, not because they break any laws.


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Arghhhh! The sound!!! But awesome initiative and, of course, explained by @starkerz in a way that everyone understands. The future is bright!

@tipu curate

I have tried to do the best with sound in all 3Speak videos. Unfortunately extra microphones which I used wasnt compatible with my iPhone and havent work properly :/

Well, it worked either way. Just in the beginning, it was a bit squeaky to my ears. You always make good videos so it's not an issue :)

Thank you 😎🙏

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no issues with the sound :) what you said is right and meaningful. ...

That wasn't me it was @starkerz ;) I am just a guy who hold camera and edit this time 🤣

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I think every business havevone moto and also dao business have a bright moto to leading focusable market. I think dao is one of the best and it future will be so bright.
Thanks for your kind of explained about dao business sir..

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Thanks should go to @starkerz ;) Me only hold camera and edited this video ;-)

Ok, @starkerz this person is amazing creator to invent gorgeous idea

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Congratulations @neopch!
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Thanks! :)

You're welcome @neopch. Hope to see you again in BKK.

Unfortunately I am not gonna be there. No budget ;)

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Bad news. I will miss you 😢

Appreciated 🙏

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@neopch, Definitely and in my opinion people are being stopped to express and we all know what is it called as. So Decentralised platform is the solution so that everyone can express and we can gain Freedom Of Speech once again. Stay blessed.

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Thank you for your comment :)


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People hold a lot of political, Psychological and spiritual belief online denying them free speech and in most cases they're often chased off because of stating their stances on-line, I Feel this is really making the internet silent and in this episode I enjoy your video today as to 3speak's fuction of rewriting this fuctionalities. Welldone really. I love the amazing scenery

@starkerz talked and I have recorded, edited and choose scenery ;-)

Thanks for feedback ;)

Unfortunately in some countries people can't express their opinions loudly, because the government will arrest them. However, it is very important to let everyone talk without any worries

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Its true what you are saying but thanks to blockchain technology we have opportunity to change it a bit :)

For sure!

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Buen post!

Gracias :)

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Audio is soft and unclear on this video. :(
What is Dao?

If you read other comments you will know why audio is like that. From other side Ive been told that it is fair enough :)

DAO = Decentralized Autonomous Organization

Nice article bro. Me like it

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Nice article bro. Me like it

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Thank you very much 😎🙏

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Thanks for the post.

Man I loved that short advert thing. Please can you send it to me? I'd love to use it at the start of my own videos, if its okay with you

good video

Thank You :)

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Appreciated! :)