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3Speak is the home of Free Speech on the internet. We exist because Silicon Valley has gone out of its' way to deplatform and demonetise individuals (many of whom have huge followings) because of their political beliefs, or the kind of content they upload, not because they break any laws.


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I've re-posted this on Facebook on Sunday morning. I thought it was great content advocating free speech and the power of cryptography to support free speech. I could not believe that by Sunday afternoon I had received my first "community guideline strike for Spam" from Facebook. Suppose I was not really surprised, but now I know now first hand that Facebook censor anything they don't want their audience to see. Can't leave Facebook just yet but will as soon as I can.

First of all, thank you for share! Second of all, wow! You really received that from Facebook? Zuckerberg mafia is on! :D Thanks again for your support. Appreciated! :)

Yes, that really happened. Keep up the good work!

You too! Bless :)

Freedom of speech or Free speech is thing of past and no longer acceptable because political correctness, its origin and validation is the problem. Masses say they are offended simply to play the sympathy card to try to make someone else's opinion invalid or prove them false. If indeed people have become so insecure that political correctness is necessary, then the raising of children around is the problem. Remember, "Sticks, Batton can break your bones, but words can never hurt you." It's time to teach that to our younger generation again, and not, if someone calls you a name, cry like a dumbass, and ask for special treatment because your special.

Very well said :) Thank you for your comment!

You are welcome

Free speech on the Internet? You are absolutely right, sir. You can convey your thoughts here and of course you will get more rewards than other dapps.

Thank you for your comment 😎🙏

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good informative video.If there is any thing that we should not post please let me know.That will help the community what not to do?

You should receive a popup window when you login to your 3Speak account with the newest rules.

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"Violence" seems to be the main thing that is prohibited on 3Speak. I'm not sure exactly how they define that, and how strict they plan to be about the prohibition. For example, hunting/fishing videos? What about an undercover video exposing the cruelty in a slaughterhouse? Those are on FB and YT, but would they be allowed on 3Speak? What about a video of a drunken street fight outside a bar? Is that violence? How about a cannabis protest where the police forcefully arrest activists... including shooting them in the eyes with pepper spray? Is that violence, or am I allowed to post that? (I ask, because I have videos like that, which I want to upload, but I can't until I know what they mean by no violence.)

The Centralised media we're currently seeing is the reason why our attempts at free speech is being trumped really. By all means 3speak is rewriting this aspect.

Thank you for your comment 😎🙏

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Yes that's the best part about 3 speak platform we have a freedom to speech.We can share anything we want.
I agree with you. :)

Glad you like it 😎🙏

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