- with @jongolson of CTP & @agr8buzz of Battlegames - Monday 21 October 2019

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▶️ Watch on 3Speak was broadcast on MSP Waves on Monday 21 October 2019. is a show all about Steem Tribes and Communities.

The people speaking on this episode of the show were...

  • @jongolson, founder of the affiliate marketing focused tribe ClickTrackProfit.

  • @agr8buzz, founder of games tribe Battlegames.

The show was hosted by @pennsif.

This recording is also available on YouTube

[ graphics from @pennsif ]

▶️ 3Speak


I love the way the tribes are communicating with each other using a variety of media. We have the pods, posts, comments, and other ways.

With virtual reality knocking, soon we'll have a different way to communicate. That'll be fun, getting into someone's home space! We'll need to redecorate our work-stations. Can't wait, in a year or two there'll be steemians everywhere redesigning so they can show off their work environments!

Yep, we've all come a long way, and now the climb begins.

Great talk, and CTPtalk is awesome.

Following me always vote for you


@pennsif, In my opinion CTP Tribe is backed with experience and experience always helpful for any Ecosystem for sure.

Keep up the good work and stay blessed.

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