You Can Be Cautious and Not Panic

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I have made this video yesterday, a bit earlier than the WHO announced Coronavirus Pandemic, so a bit late... But, anyway, the message is still valid...

I have probably written this in some of the other my posts, but the message is important to spread... Firstly, there is a mess with STEEM-TRON and we have lost a lot of time by being sucked in a lot of conversations, discussions, etc... And parallel with that, there is a Coronavirus world problem that is getting more and more serious...

Yes, those are some of the things that can occupy a significant amount of our time, but... We can't be blinded with the news about these things, as media can bring news from nothing, 24/7 with telling the same things over and over... Spreading fear, and in a lot of cases panic...

Yes, the situation is serious, but we have to move on... We are lucky that we have online businesses and that we can work from home... So, turn off a TV a bit, and do some work... You will feel better...


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