Instant Branding in Affiliate Marketing?

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It's storytime guys and girls! As I'm a beginner in this affiliate marketing world, every little step that I make is for me a giant leap and I'm trying to reflect after doing some action.

I'm a member of ClickTrackProfit from the time when @jongolson re-opened the platform and I'm regularly watch training lessons inside it... Actually, I have watched almost all, but I come back to re-watch some of them occasionally. So, I have some of the theory inside my brain... :)

Anyways, I didn't want to rush-in into this affiliate world as I wanted to get as much knowledge from experienced colleagues and try to avoid some common mistakes. So, I have made a "slow and steady" approach... I take some time to create my LCP and start with promoting, did my first Badge Hunt and filled my email list with a few names...

But, unfortunately, that was all that I have done... I left the list without sending regular emails to the subscribers until a few days ago when I have sent my first mail...

Check out the video to see what happened and what did I learn...

If you want to learn how to grow as an affiliate marketer, check out ClickTrackProfit! It's a free training platform and marketing network hub...

The program that I have mentioned in the video is a crypto platform similar to YouTube, but also similar to STEEM as you can be rewarded for your content. The biggest difference is that you can upload any type of content to the platform, like video, image, HTML page, post, txt, pdf... You name it... You can check it out here LBRY... It's not a competency to STEEM as they have different models, but it's a great place to get more exposure and to build your brand and followers...


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Don't forget to follow, resteem and browse my steempage to stay connected with all the great stuff!

You can find me on ClickTrackProfit .:. Twitter .:. LBRY

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I like the video, keep on going!! Success and Respect!!

Thank you, Sig! I appreciate it!

hi @ph1102

What field are you focusing your efforts on when it comes to affiliate marketing? Anything to do with blockchain and crypto?


As I said in this particular video, I'm pretty noob in affiliate marketing... I was more learning the past few months than working, but I have started just recently with sending e-mails to my subscribers and I'm planning to focus on crypto (blockchain) stuff...

I'm in crypto and blockchains for more than 3 years and will try to promote it more to my subscribers...

Hi @ph1102

Thank you for your prompt reply.

As I said in this particular video, I'm pretty noob in affiliate marketing..

I fully understand that part. I just thought that you may already choosed market which you want to focus your efforts on.

I have started just recently with sending e-mails to my subscribers and I'm planning to focus on crypto (blockchain) stuff...

Cool. How can i subscribe to your email list? I would like to get familiar with your work.

Did you ever hear about @project.hope ? It's a community build around topics related to blockchain, technology, economy and psychology. Check out our HIVE.

Perhaps you could consider becoming part of our small (but strong and growing) community of like-minded people, sharing similar interests.

also: do you use discord? If you would like to discuss options of collaborating and supporting each others growth on steemit, then drop me a message: crypto.piotr#3426


You can subscribe to my email list here:

I heard about @project.hope, but didn't check details about it... I will take a look...

Hi again

I was redirected to -> is this your website? I think I've seen it somewhere.

ps. check out also our project website if you have a moment:


great video about branding and your learning about email marketing

Thanks, Howard... I have to learn on my mistakes... That's the best school... :)

Thanks for a great video @ph1102, and thank you very much for sharing your experience with email marketing, and the Push and the Pull really do need to have the right proportions, Jon talks about it all the time and recommends 75% Pull and 25% Push, and this was a Push email, but really great that you have learned from it and adjust, keep up your great work, it's awesome.

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Thank you, Erik... I have received some nice tips from your video today... Will try to listen to you and send those mail more regularly... :)

Thanks @ph1102, and I know you will crush it, keep up your awesome work.

You will get there my friend. I am going the slow and steady route myself.

Oh, I'm not much faster than you... lol... But, I'm doing as much as my free time allows...
But ideas are coming and that's the most important!