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Steem tribes have started a 7-8 months ago (I think) and I can't imagine this place without them... On the other side, some of the tribes are already half-dead, but some of them didn't even get their fame moments... The first ones aren't interesting for us, so let's take a look at these others...

Everyone on STEEM knows about Palnet, Neoxian, or SportsTalkSocial, but not everyone has heard about CTPTalk, or STEEMLeo... Why is that?

Well, both of the projects were started by "not-whales" and without any big support from big STEEM whales. SteemLeo is created by @khaleelkazi and CTPTalk by @jongolson, ordinary Steemians, just ones of us... But, both of the projects with clear ideas and goals in their area... SteemLeo is oriented toward investment, trading, crypto, businesses, etc. and CTPTalk is developed as the place for affiliate marketers, and the world around that industry...

In my personal opinion, SteemLeo is one of the best-organized tribes with great improvements on their tribe website which are very useful for everyday members... Also, they have developed their own decentralized token exchange SteemLeo Dex and they have released a few days ago their own SteemLeo Shop, a marketplace for digital goods!

On the other side, the CTPTalk tribe has gone in a different direction... As there was a need for a good payment option for website owners, they have decided to add additional value for CTP tokens, giving them actual use cases and a possibility to be used as a payment option OUTSIDE the STEEM... So, Fire-Pay is born and today it is possible to pay by CTP tokens (with the possibility of using ANY of Steem-Engine tokens) on dozens of websites... And that number is growing every day...

As a conclusion, as these two awesome projects are still under the radar of big whales (as we call major investors on STEEM), they are perfect for getting inside them, contribute and USE the power of tokens around these two tribes... Take you time and DYOR about them and make a decision...

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Fantastic as always :)

Thanks, Bradley!

And keep that snow from Appics far away from me... :P

Thanks for all your informative Videos :) much appreciated

Thank you for the comment, Russell... I appreciate your feedback!

I love the Dashboard feature on Steemleo.

Posted via Steemleo

Oh, yes... SteemLEO is an awesome project!

Thanks for the shout out man! And all your support of CTP!

And a side note, I agree 10000% with your assessment of SteemLeo. So much so, that it's public knowledge that I want to be @khaleelkazi when I grow up :)

hahaha... Thanks for your kind words, Jon. Both tribes have their specific look to the future, and both have made huge steps toward that... Bringing so much value to STEEM blockchain in general, but a very small amount of people see that... at the moment... but that will change...

So, we are changing the "Be like Rob" to "Be like @khaleelkazi"? :)

Thanks for a great video Zoltan, and it's very exciting to see all the great development going on in both Steemleo and CTPtalk, and being under the radar while building is not a bad place to be, stay awesome.

Actually, it's great to be under the radar while we are developing...

Thanks for your time!

Thanks Zoltan, yeah being under the radar means less distractions and more development.

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