Building a Brand and Earning Crypto?

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As crypto markets starting to get momentum and prices of some coins are going pretty nice up, I have started to think about doing some trading, or better said, exchanging some of "stalled" coins into others that I'm using...

At the moment, I'm trying to build my subscriber base on two blockchain-based social networks platforms and I'm using their coins to create bigger exposure. One of them is STEEM, where I already have a nice amount of staked coins that are doing nice profits, but I'm also creating content on the platform every day...

The other network is LBRY, where I have started to build my profile just a few weeks ago... On LBRY, you can use your coins as a support for your blog posts (videos, pictures, etc.) and bring more eyeballs on your content... If you are contributing with valuable content, you will get followers also...

So, I find that investing in coins with use-case can be profitable and useful from more than just 1 point of view... I would say that in this way, I'm investing in myself, and not only in crypto...

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I believe is not to change your habits even if you feel the bull market is coming along the way. The secret is consistency and accumulation in bear and bull. :)

I agree with you 100%... Accumulation is the key... especially in bear market.. in bull, you should payout yourself a bit... ;)

Nice plan Zoltan, and as Rich Dad would say it's all about cashflow, building assets that puts money in your pocket, everything else is just speculation, and affiliate marketing and listbuilding goes hannd in hand with building your brand, and it elevtes it and adds an extra stream of income on top.

I hope that the plan will work... We will see in a year or two... :)

I am sure it will work, if it doesn't it's just because of failed execution.

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