There Is No Good Time to Break a Leg

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You know that feeling when you get sick, and you think at that moment: "Why am I sick right now... It's such a bad moment in my life... I have so many things to do... And, I am right now sick and have to lie in bed...

Or, the other thing... You fell and broke your leg or your arm, and you telling the story to everyone saying: "I felt wrong and I broke my leg..."

Or, you are watching your favorite movie on television... Suddenly, the TV broke and you say: "Why it's happening right now... When my favorite scene is on... "

Let me tell you one truth...

There IS NO good time to get sick... You CAN'T fell good... There IS NO good moment to broke your TV, computer, or any other thing in your house...

So, when it happens, don't whine... FIX IT, CURE IT, REPAIR IT... Because, in the end, you will PAY the price and there is no use of cursing, whining or crying on your destiny, bad luck, black cat, or whatever...


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I fully agree, moving forwards is the only option. there is no point in the what ifs' how coulds' never shoulds, all things are theer to give you strength of character, It is not what happens to you that defines you it is how you deal with it.

And I have seen some great people here that continue with creation, with blogging even when they are obviously sick... That's dedication and that's a powerful thing!

This is a great way to look at things no whining :)

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I mean... there is no sense to whine if there is nobody other to do the work/pay the bill, etc.. :)

That is so true :)

PUSH through it :)

Exactly... Because, the way back is not an option... as, there is no way back... lol

That is the best attitude Zoltan, only looking forward and find solutions, stay awesome.

exactly... why hit the head into the wall if we have to pay the entrance to pass the door... :)