Think Out of the Box - #2020Vision Challenge Day 42

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I want to apologize at the beginning of using this space for my thoughts about the "system". I think that it is important to keep ourselves informed about new technologies, about new things that can help us in the long term... And, I think about the things from the "other side" of the "TV news/media", outside of the box...

By doing that, we can save our common sense and our mind clear...

You can find more details about the #2020Vision challenge in the first post by @pixiepost here:


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Well said! I do use bank services, etc. but we should always have an alternative choice. A lot of us are "waking up" to the matrix we are all living in. We no longer follow things like sheep. The more awareness we have of things, the better. This decade, we will see more of this. That is the energy it is bringing in, including changes in our financial system & the way the world "operates". I will digress since this is a whole other rabbit hole we could go down. :) Thank you for also talking about the important things. (This DOES fall into spiritual awareness.) #pushon, my dear friend, & let's continue in #2020Vision.🧚‍♀️💜🦄🙌

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