How Has Steem Impacted My Life - Life Change Experience!

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I'm probably writing this too late to enter the @theycallmedan initiative, but it doesn't matter as I wanted to do this post either way... I would like to share with you my personal story and my 1-year STEEM journey... It's incredible how much can one thing change your whole life...

It's all started exactly one year ago... At that time, I was still mining Ethereum with my rigs, but it was barely profitable... Also, my hosting business didn't go well, and one of the main reasons was that I got bored doing it (I'm doing it over 10 years)... So, most of my business venues were in "dying mode" and it was the time to change something...

As I had some of the crypto assets in my portfolio, waiting for the price to go up and sell something wasn't an option anymore, it came the time to find coins that can be staked. I have bought some, create masternodes and staked... In a search for coins for staking I don't know how I stumbled on STEEM. It was through SteemMonsters game (now Splinterlands)... I have bought the starter pack for the game and got STEEM account in seconds...

My curiosity was responsible for the rest of the journey... Exploring the Steemit website, I have started my Splinterlands card giveaway (I'm still running it on my gaming account), found SteemSavvy, later CTP tribe... As I wasn't the social type of guy, I was going at a slower pace... I have started with blogging when I have created this account...

I wanted to explore (and learn) as much as I can about STEEM so I have done all lessons from SteemSavvy training and I have met some great people from that community that has evolved later in CTP Tribe. I have followed my new friends and signed on the CTP website and start learning about affiliate marketing...

Slowly, STEEM was injected under my skin and I have started to do things that I have never done in my life! Firstly, I have joined one of the SteemSavvy live streams, and later, I have discovered D.Tube and vlogging. If I tell you that I didn't like to be on photos at all, and now, my whole face is in front of you in almost all of my videos... Would you believe that? :)

The next good thing was starting to use Actifit! I had problems with the app on my old phone, but when I have changed for a new one, it worked like a charm... As I spend away too much time in my chair in front of the computer and sometimes I wouldn't leave the house for a couple of days, it was a game-changer for me... Actifit "force" me to go outside for a walk at least 2 times per day! I feel much better after doing that daily routine and it helps me a lot with my fight against my headaches...

So, after just 1 year I have changed almost completely my daily habits, my routine, the things that I was doing earlier and I have a bunch of things on my "waiting" list that will be wrapped out in 2020!


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Thank so much for sharing your story!
And I'm proud to see you grow as a video content creator king :)
You are an inspiration to us all and a huge pillar to our community!
Glad to meet you virtually and hopefully one day we can meet in person :)

Thank you for your kind words, Eliana! I'm far away from being a video content creator king, but we will see in 10-15 years... lol

I hope that someone will organize a big CTP party... It would be awesome :)

I am glad I have gotten to know you here. Your blogs are one i look forward to seeing

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Thank you, Howard! Nice to meet you.

You are doing a great job with your tutorials for affiliate marketers!

Aloha ph1102,

Thank you for sharing about how Steem has changed your life. I think that it is great that Steem has helped you to become more active because of Actifit. I believe that it is important to exercise too. I need to become more active again so that I can improve my health.
Thank you again for your story. I appreciate it.

Thanks for your comment, Karalee!

Just walking 30-60 minutes per day brings a lot of difference in everyone's life! Everything over that is a big plus!

Hi @ph1102. How have you been? Thanks for sharing your expeience on the Steemit platform and how it has impacted your life. I hope you feel better from the hedaches.

I'm feeling much better... Thanks for asking... Doing my daily walks and a few exercises per day helps a lot with keeping me healthier!

It's great that you have choosen the steem comunity! It's really a great place to be and it's pretty addictive ;-)

Oh, yes... Addictive as it can be... STEEM, then tribes, communities, great Discord channel discussions with all the wonderful people from here...
I'm so grateful that I have found this network!

Thanks for the comment! (you are kicking my ass in the holybread game... with my gaming account... @cryptofiloz) :)

I got hooked on holybread - You are 3 ranks in front of me :-). There might be some nice fights to come...

It's been an honor to get to know you man. Thank you for jumping on board Steem and falling in love with the blockchain!

Thanks, Jon... If I didn't find SteemSavvy, I wouldn't be here blogging, vlogging and jumping to other people's face.... :)

Thanks for a great video and post Zoltan, and really nice to get your story and how you have grown here, and also to follow your journey, you are just crushin it and constantly moving forward, keep up your great work and stay awesome.

Thanks, Erik... While I was watching your video I thought the same... as we have very similar stories...
Have a great weekend!

Thanks Zoltan, yeah they are quite similar, I just skipped most gaming though, stay awesome.

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