How To Create Post Visible in the Community, Tribes and your Blog Page...

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It looks that Justin Sun has pushed too hard the developers from Steemit Inc to release communities live ASAP... They were present on the website, but many people didn't bother to use them there... Now, when they are on the main websites of and, a lot of Steemians are confused and don't know how to properly create blog posts to be visible in the certain community and STEEM tribes...

I have created a short HowTo video and I hope it will help someone to understand better how this all works and how to do it properly... The tutorial is step-by-step, and I hope easy to understand.

Just an important thing... Putting community tag (hive-numbers) inside the "normally created post" will not publish the post inside that community! You have to create the post INSIDE the community.

Don't confuse communities with tribes! With tribes, the tag thing is still possible.



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just so you know ... Justin didn't do any pushing to have communities go live. They were ready to go live. Efforts had been made to get people to try the beta and get used to the communities but they weren't listening. So the release came as a surprise for them.

Thanks for the "insider's" information, Shadow! I like to mention the big boss, just to make him more "Steemy" :P
And I understand that it were a hard times for all people in Steemit Inc. team during the last 2 years... I hope that the better days ara coming for everyone on STEEM!

Everyone can be an 'insider' .. just attend things like the Witness Chats that are held on discord .. or listen to the recordings when they are posted. Having said that, the last one wasn't posted cause my darling cat shut my puter down part way through and corrupted the recording. Wasn't impressed.

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Thanks so much for this. Just got back from a week-long vacation & feeling a little lost. This will help me once I start publishing via laptop again 😊😊

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Thank you for your comment, Rosyel. I'm glad to hear that this was helpful for you!

Great post @ph1102 - SteemPeak rocks and I use it all the time, except for Appics posts, and thanks you have inspired me to create a post today :)

Thanks, Russell! I have watched your new post and it looks awesome!

Great video and guide Zoltan, and real nice that you made a screenrecording showing how it's all done, let's also hope for a better solution to the current cross posting, stay awesome.

Thanks for your comment, Erik! I have done the video as simple tutorial, just to help others to "catch the train";)

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