Pack Your Luggage, We Are Going to the Moon - #2020Vision Challenge Day 40

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It's all started as an idea by @pixiepost at the beginning of this decade... :) Okay, it wasn't that long ago as it appears when we say "decade"... It was an evolution of the well-known Seven77 challenge by @nathanmars...

Today, after reaching my 40th day of this challenge, every day promoting on Twitter (and other platforms) by all participants, we can see a rise in the price of STEEM! At the beginning of the year it was around 12 cents, and today it's 22-23 cents... I don't say that this challenge did it, but maybe it was that small drop of the snow that has started the snowball effect...

We can't move mountains by ourselves, but we CAN as a community!

You can find more details about the #2020Vision challenge in the first post by @pixiepost here:


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Growing Up by Scott Buckley
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  ·  6 months ago (edited)

Congrats to day 40 Zoltan, and nice video we certainly nudged it enough to start the snowball, stay awesome.

Thanks, Erik! Yes, we are... If Steemit doesn't promote STEEM, we WILL!

Thanks Zoltan, Steem is moving to the Sun.

Hahaha... That one is GOOD! :)
You should make a meme :)

You mean like this one that I found in Telegram?


That's a good one! :)


It is crazy how the time has flown (just like a certain Superman flying over the stairs lol). #2020Vision is staying alive though since a lot of people are coming onboard so we are definitely not going anywhere ;) It's awesome #STEEM is bouncing back. Hopefully, soon, it will also go to the moon! Great job, my friend & #pushon in the #2020Vision.🧚‍♀️🦄💜🙌

Thanks... and now, back to work! :) #heretostay :)

Amen!! 🙌🙌