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I have left my brain and tongue to flow in this one... They didn't communicate very well, so I didn't get exact English words when I wanted (like innocent, society, extinguish, etc..) :)

Anyways, I found topics very interesting because if I take a look at my child and his surrounding, I can see that they are learned from the very beginning of the school to consume, to spend... School is preparing them for this consuming society and, as they are still children, get a wrong message about that... They value each other by their clothes, mobile phones, wealth...

The adults aren't better at all... People are irresponsible for taking loans to buy new phones, cars when they do not need those things... Just to "look better" in the eyes of their neighbors, family...

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies can be the starting point for the new age... You are responsible for YOUR money... You OWN the keys of your wallets... It's YOUR money... It's not from a loan, from the bank, from your mother...

It's transparent... No hidden money under the table... bribed politicians... Over-paid stuff...

The world can be a better place... But only if you THINK DIFFERENTLY!

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Great video and advice Zoltan, and this consumer mentality really is a plague that needs to go away, and it's driven by the current monetary model where all money is created through debt, and that you have to pay interest on it with money that has to be created with more debt.

And nice plug for Holybread and how you can earn by playing it, stay awesome.

The history is repeating for the current "economic model"... We have crisis every X years.... and that X is every time a smaller number... It's not sustainable at all

Thanks Zoltan, yeah it's even worse now because the banks get negative interest from the central banks while the people have to pay for them with tax money, and still have interest on their own loans.

that's just crazy... I have no other word to describe it...

Yeah I know it is crazy.

I LOVED this! I really enjoyed the video. I am the mother of 7... and in July 2020 ALL of them will be teenagers at the same time!! YIKES.. Your point of view of what they are learning from society is spot on! They are being taught to give into commercialism and follow the latest trends, no matter what the cost! It takes a lot of work to change that view point, but it starts with ourselves so we can be good role models in this world. Great job!

Exactly... We have to be their role models... in theory... As, when they are in that age, everyone ELSE is a better role than parents... in their eyes... lol

I have only 1 teenager, so let God help you with those 7... :)