15 Minutes From Home...

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I made the move to Newfoundland for a number of reasons...

This is where I was born! My family is from here! I wanted to get away from the rat race of the big cities....

But also...The landscape, the ocean and the amazing nature that this island is blessed with.

Today I took a quick drive about 20 minutes from my new home and this is what I get to see now, every single day...

Hope you enjoy the pics!


This is the marina in the town I live in...Quite an impressive amount of yachts stored here and gives me dreams of owning a boat one day LOL


We drove into the Terra Nova National Park of Canada and stopped by a boat launch...This is a unique mountain called 'Malady Head'...Every time I come to Newfoundland, I always stop to take in this view...I love it!


Right next to the boat launch is a causeway that goes across the bay. The water was so blue and the sky was just as clear.


About 10 minutes from the national park is the seaside town of Eastport. With one of the most amazing beaches on the island of Newfoundland!


One of the best things about the beach in Eastport, it's golden sands, blue waters and barely anyone on the beach lol

Social distancing is alive and well, especially here in Newfoundland.


Is this the Caribbean...?

Nope, just the beautiful shores of Newfoundland!


About 5 minutes from Eastport is the fishing village of Salvage...

The rugged landscape is something to behold!


When I was a kid, my grand parents used to bring me to this fish plant in Salvage...We used to pay the guys on the wharf 10 bucks and they'd give us a fresh caught cod fish right off the boats...


Speaking of boats :)

Amazing to see what we took in (my mom and I) in just a short drive from our home.

We didn't even need to leave our cars because of the social distancing we were practicing and had an absolute blast touring my new neighbourhood :)

I'll do a lot more blogs like this over the summer months, especially once I get some better internet connections and am able to get out of my car LOL


I see very clear sky and water. It is something missing in my life.
May be I will able to find a good place as such and settle there.

oh the weather here is an adventure lol i picked a good day to take a pic lol

Looks awesome Jon! What's with us and the call of land? I used to live in a big city too, but also moved back to be around my folks in the town I grew up.

Yeah man, we get to a certain age and the 'city' doesn't attract us anymore lol

Wow that looks amazing Jon, really great views, and buy a yacht with CTP tokens and Firepay, that is a worthy goal.

SO many nice boats down there....I'm sure I'll find a seller LOL

Great photos! It looks awesome!

Prepare guest rooms and CTP Swarm is coming! 🤣

Plenty of room for sure!!

Beautiful images. It looks very peaceful. A great place to refill your batteries and to be in harmony with nature. Thanks for sharing!

More trees, less people LOL

Those pictures look great. That childhood memories still lives in you

Absolutely. Some of my best childhood memories are from here

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beautiful scenery.
Home is where your heart is :-)

100% agree! Yeah I'm falling in love with the place all over again

Thanks Jon for sharing wonderful pictures of your new home.

my pleasure. hope you enjoyed them.

Those are some amazing photos. Your home looks amazing.

As a neighbor (just a hop skip and a jump away), I can say that living here on Prince Edward Island, in the winter months it's real easy to forget just how majestic our eastern provinces are because tourism shuts down and folks leave and it gets reeeeeaaaallly quiet.....and then summer rolls around and you get to breathe the fresh air, smell the salty sea and take it all in and you realize....this truly is the best part of Canada!

Welcome home!

Oh I love it...I am enjoying it because I know during the winters...It'll be a rough go LOL

Looks really nice this time of the year. Get your garden going

Yup, garden is being built this week!

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