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Today I really woke up due early and as it seems at the end of day while writing this blog I must say it was well worth it. I believe I should make this a habit of waking up early. Thanks to that I was able to do some works and it seemed like the day was little longer then usual for me.

So in the evening I was thinking how to really spend it and the idea of visiting the Tea Garden came into my mind. It was around 4 pm and it was perfect to visit the place and return before sunset. It took me around 15-20 minutes to reach the Tea Garden and another 10-15 mins to get into the main part of it. As there is a long road that takes you inside of the garden and allows you to view one of the most spectacular natural view awaiting for you.

The name of the Tea plants are Camelia sinensis. You can some more information on them here

The name of the Tea Garden is Malnicherra Tea Estate It is one of the most significant tea garden which helps in production of Tea leaves for generations in our country Bangladesh. Here is the Google Map location . My city Sylhet is also known as the city of Tea Garden and the beauty of it describes it all. Let me give you a tour of it and I am mostly sharing the inner most part of the garden as the more deeper you get into the garden, the more beautiful it gets.

1 (5).jpg

The image below is a close up look of the entrance from the right hand side of the garden. Though it was humid but the temperature was getting little bit lower as I was going deep inside and my cell phone network slowly going from 3G to Edge lol.

1 (7).jpg

Well tbh I tried to cover as much space as possible with my camera but seems like I was not able to do that so I had to use panorama mode and get the whole scene in one frame. The feeling of walking along the road with your loved one, I am sure that would have been magical. Ok I am keeping that feeling for future purpose. Hopefully this post will remind me continuously to get one beloved and enjoy the magical moments and make them memorable. One day!! One Day !!

1 (10).jpg

As it seems I got there right in time as because I saw truck full of leaves of Camelia sinensis were collected by the workers and was being taken to the factory to convert them to tea leaf which we used in our TEA : ) Well it is often said that the people of my city can live without food but not Tea (just a phrase btw). This is how much it has become a part of our daily life.

1 (6).jpg

For this image below I had to get into the garden within the plants and had to search for the right position where I can cover as much as possible. I wanted to show you the clean shot of being within the garden. Again had to use the Panorama mode,oops !!

1 (11).jpg

The sun shine was kind of perfect falling into the hills to make the view beautiful in its own way. Nevertheless, the creation of Almighty is indeed amazing after all.

1 (3).jpg

The entrance does gives you a slight idea what really awaits for you in the inside. I did not noticed it that much but while I was taking an exit this view got me, my bad !!

1 (8).jpg

What better way to end the day then a view of Sunset. I took off from the garden as it was getting colder and it is not that wise to stay late in the garden as so it is said. While I stood there for few minutes and watched how amazing this view was and it was so serene to witness it with own eyes.

1 (9).jpg

A Tuesday well worth the effort of waking up and witnessing the beauty of nature and feel refreshed at the same time. Enjoyed the time and we all should once in a while take some break and enjoy the life in our own way ! Happy Tuesday (going to end) ladies & Gentlemen.

FYI: All the images are captured by me !!

That is it for today !!
Have a Pleasant Day Everyone !
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What a great place to visit -it’s interesting to see your photos. So green and lush. Resteemed

Thanks Sally : )
I am glad that you liked them !!

Beautiful view

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