Tree Tuesday

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Block... Mind block... Writer's block... Video block... Everything block... Lol... So let's have a photo posts instead of a video post...

Tuesday is the day where we have this beautiful Tree Tuesday theme. Malaysia is blessed with lots of trees.

Last year, for the first time in my life, I experienced winter. Trees in these countries are different from the ones we have in Malaysia. OK... I know... I am down into the Memory Lane again... Steemfest is just around the corner...

Diving into my photo albums... Scrolling through the photos... Bringing back lots of memories... And it's about time to make new Steemfest memories...

Coming up first... Trees in Krakow during winter time...




And up next we have trees from Malaysia... All these photos are throwback as well... From 2014 till 2016.




What's the difference of these trees? If you ask my girls... Especially Little Vinnie... She will tell you the trees above are mostly "botak" head... Botak means bald in Malay... 😂


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