Tree with a Heart

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#TreeTuesday inspired by @old-guy-photos

Palaui Island.jpg
All photos featured are from my personal collection.

Let me share with you a quick story for today. We traveled to the province of Cagayan in May of this year. We visited a number of places that included Callao Cave in Penablanca. Now, here is a snippet of our trip to Palaui Island.

This particular place was one of the stops we made during our island hopping day. It was a day filled with trekking and climbing, as our end goal for this stop was the Baratubut Falls.

hanging bridge.jpg

During this part of the trek, I had to overcome my fear of crossing this hanging bridge. Yup, it was really scary, but I made it ahead of everyone as I took the photo above from the end of the bridge.

tour guide.jpg

There's our tour guide, leading us to what she claimed as the easier trail. It was not that easy, but it was manageable. I suppose it was the heat that made it harder for us all.

tree with a heart.jpg

Long before we reached the waterfalls, we came upon this tree with the natural heart-shaped hole on its trunk. According to Lani, our tour guide, many folks would pose by this tree and have their photos taken, esp. Chinese tourists, as they claimed it brings good luck.

posing by the tree.jpg

We're not too superstitious, but we didn't pass up the chance to pose by the tree. I mean, who wouldn't want to have lots of good luck and good fortune, right?

After what felt like ages of more trekking and climbing up some huge boulders, we finally reached the intended destination -- Baratubut Falls. Unfortunately, it was a really dry summer, so we felt like even the waterfalls just had trickles of water. Still, we didn't pass up the chance of freshening up by the waterfalls. Heck, it was such a hot day!!

Baratubut Falls.jpg

After everyone had enjoyed the brief moment by the waterfalls, it was time to go back where we started. A hearty meal that included freshly caught lobsters completed the trip to this island.


Then, it was time to head on to our next stop. But that would be shared for another time. I just wanted to highlight that special tree with a heart for this feature.

Till our next adventure! ^_^

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Hi. Thanks for sharing your post. Great trip. and the tree...what an unusual design that looks exactly like a heart in its trunk as though it has experienced love during its lifetime and it made an impact on him. I say him because the tree is massive. Wonder what happened to his love tree. :)

Have a great day.

That's a cool thought. Perhaps their love has spread out and still guards over the areas around the island 😉👍

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Wait a minute...youngling trees nearby. do I sense a we-write in the making. what a wonderful story it would be. The best stories delve into a tad of truth. Take care.

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