Trees of Christmas Past

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#TreeTuesday inspired by @old-guy-photos

chinese lantern christmas tree.jpg
All photos featured are from my personal collection.

Since the holiday season is upon us, we all can't help but notice the festive decorations for this season. This is especially true if we trek to the malls. I have lived in the city all my life, so I'm not too aware how others in remote areas celebrate the season. In the city, we see different kinds of Christmas trees.

Take the cover photo of this post. I call it the Chinese lantern Christmas tree. It is quite obvious that it was made from a number of Chinese lanterns. This was the design of the tree in our neighborhood mall way back in 2013.

street where i live.jpg

I recently share about the street where I live. For this year, we have a blue tree and a big blue star. But way back in 2014, this was the Christmas tree design on that same street corner.

funeral house christmas tree.jpg

My sister-in-law's mother passed on before 2014 ended. We paid our respect at the funeral house. I couldn't help but notice the Christmas tree that was put up there. I couldn't help but wonder about life's irony.

mall Christmas tree.jpg

Mom's birthday is in early January, so the malls still had their Christmas decoration. This was for Christmas 2016. I had lots of Christmas tree photos for 2014, but I apparently got lost in 2015 that I couldn't find any at all.

hotel Christmas tree.jpg

The year was 2017, and this was the first time my daughter was attending a Christmas party at a hotel venue. I liked the design of this one, although it's more light than a real tree.

Christmas tree hotel.jpg

That tall Christmas tree at yet another hotel venue. This was taken during one of our #momanddaughterbonding moments. We got a discount coupon then for an overnight stay at a nearby newly opened hotel.

Christmas party tree.jpg

A white Christmas theme. This was taken at the hotel where we stayed when my daughter attended her annual Christmas party for the second year in 2018.

Christmas tree manila hotel.jpg

Not too long ago, just last weekend actually, was the row of Christmas trees at the hotel venue for the third year that my daughter attended her company Christmas party. With all these lovely Christmas tree designs, I honestly didn't feel the need to decorate at home. Besides, when I was younger, we all wanted to put up a tree, but no one wanted the task of taking it down after the season. I suppose I decided I wouldn't want that dilemma in my home, so no Christmas tree. We'll just admire all the trees that others put up. ^_^

Here's to wishing everyone...

happy holidays.png

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What beautiful trees!!!! Im tweeting!! Much love lady💚🤟📽🎬

Much love too @prettynicevideo 💚💚💚 mwah!

What a great idea for Tree Tuesday with Christmas coming soon. 🌲

Hope you'll have a great celebration @redheadpei :)

All photography really beautiful. Happy Christmas. Enjoy your time.

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Thank you @shuvo35 Happy Christmas to you and your family too! 😊😊

Grats on the minnow status!

Thank you ^_^ working hard for more growth on the blockchain :))