The Best Business Idea I have EVER Had

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I have lots of ideas of small businesses that I can start that will help with the financial goals I have.

For my 100,000 Marlians Run (I have a goal of owning 100,000 Marlians - because ULOGS are the BEST most wonderful thing I like reading on this blockchain), I thought I would start The Happy Mail Project. Basically, I send mail on behalf of other people.

I got excited about this project and even got crispy dollar bills, and 2 dollar bills from my local bank to add to the mail, because what STEEM Blockchain user wouldn't want to use their STEEM Engine tokens to send a $2.00 bill to a kid on their birthday? This was in addition to the stack of birthday, congratulations, and thank you cards I bought at my kids last fundraiser.

I have worked the Happy Mail Project before. I was an Etsy Shop Owner, and used those $2.50 - $10.00 transactions to build a HUGE crafting supplies inventory. I also had lots of fun making the mail with my kids.

Embroidered Card.JPG
This is a picture of a card I embroidered which I was really proud of. It was a musical rainbow.

For my Build a HUGE Home Library Goal I thought I would start a reading blog, which I attached to a Barefoot Books or Usborne Books subscription. The Blog would be based on the blockchain and would be advertised using pinterest and Twitter. This has been profitable for me in the past, helping me build a big home library (which now lives at my husbands house) and I LOVE the idea of owning an online bookstore.

Sometimes my children were not so respectful to their books, (they were really young,) I got really good at mending books and when they were beyond repair, I would craft with them making things like these lovely tags, which I later sold on ETSY, annd used the money of course, to buy more books

For my freelancing gig which is what pays for my families "extras" like clothes, and school supplies, and home goods, movies, small furniture pieces and restaurant meals, I was going to start a niche blog (either real estate or court reporting) and use it as a way to send writing samples for people in such industry who need help with their writing.

For my everyday basic $$ needs (the ones that are usually met by a job and sometimes by my patient husband) I was going to really concentrate on the scoping career, and finish it up. Something I think I can accomplish in the next six months.

For my magic money (the money I need to buy a bigger home, pay of debt and upgrade my house without having to slowly save for it) I was going to finally publish those ebooks I have halfway written and actually start marketing.

Wow! I got it all figured out!

Then I stopped all my planning and really looked at my plans. I thought about how these ideas are not original or new, and how I have been playing with them for a while. I looked at how many of my projects I have started and how many of them are so close to finishing, right on the tip of my tongue.

And that's when I had the best business idea ever which is to concentrate on only ONE thing. Really, what I NEED right now, is not the same as what I want. What I need is a steady income, which I can earn from home when a soon to be here baby is sleeping. Something flexible that will allow me to keep up with taking the kids to school. Something I can do while the laundry does itself or dinner sits on the crockpot.

What I need to do is finish the scoping class and get started on that work from home job.

As much as my heart knows that it is a short-term solution (cause hey, those novels WILL sell, and I will soon be debt free and in a bigger home) I also know that I need the stability of a short term solution.

So I am leaving all my wonderful ideas in a journal - and concentrating on the scoping.

Sure, I will still be writing my ulogs, and sure, if writing gigs land on my lap I will still complete them, but, I will be a laser beam and not a flashlight and get that project off the ground.

Once I am done with the Scoping School and once I have a few steady gigs lined up, I can get on to the next project.


Besides, my ideas are marinating, when I finally give them time, they will thrive. And of course, I am a soon to be mom of four, how much time do I really want to spend building micro businesses, and how much time would I rather spend having my 7 year old read me OG the Frog?

Thanks for reading, hope you are having an awesome day.


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OMG, you and I have more in common than I would have believed, apart from the fact that I have no kids. More power to you, and best wishes for your coming little one.

And my very patient husband usually resists (though not always) rolling his eyes at my myriad ideas regarding starting yet another income stream. ;-)

I used to have an art studio and gallery in Florida, which I opened after qualifying as a Certified Picture Framer (and yes, there is such a thing), and I still have an abundance of art and crafting supplies, which I have over the years (though not recently) turned into cash, through a number of indoor and outdoor art shows and online sales.

I'm also in the process of editing a series of ebooks, in my case mostly nonfiction, and am fairly close to getting the first of them on the market. Soon. No, really, soon. ;-)

I'm also originally from California, which is where I developed my love for organic growing, and became determined to eventually have acreage where I could start a mini farm and orchard, which we have done, moving to riverfront acreage in Middle Tennessee (nearish to Nashville) in 2011.

And, as I did in Florida, I'm currently running a small but growing home nursery business, specializing in heirloom and unusual food-bearing plants.

Life is wonderful, and getting better, better, and better. Nice to make your acquaintance.

My name is Cori.

Hi Cori!

Thank you for stopping by.

I am excited about the new steemleo interface where we can sell digital goods. I am sure you're ebooks that will be ready "soon" will do wonderfully there.

I would love a plot of land where I could grow my own food and know I will have it one day. Actually I want a backyard with fruit trees and a ranch somewhere.

Nice to meet you too - I look forward to reading your posts.

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