I Suggested BATTLE team to Integrate with DCity, and...

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Some of the things I suggested were already there. #BATTLE team already thought of the rest. If you're playing #DCity, read on! This might be an interesting for you:


Back in STEEM days, there were two gaming communities with their own tokens. One of them is #BATTLE, and I liked it because the users were friendly and the leader @Agr8buzz, was always active. He tended to integrate with other communities whenever possible, and he isn't shy of asking for help from community members.

I stopped being active last year because I don't play or write about games as much anymore, but when I do, I make sure to use the tag #BATTLE in my posts, and I always kept the Discord server on top half of the list. (Which I tend to check more often.)

I started playing #DCity this month, and it's fun. Different than I expected in a good way~

I dismissed it as a game that makes you buy cards and forget about them, but if you're into simulation there's an actual game! You always think about the next card to put in your city to maximize income/popularity. You need money though. While then game can give it back to you/profit with time, you can't play this game for free.

While buying cards for my City, I noticed that I can buy some cards using BEER, FARM & DCity's own SIM token. I thought that BATTLE token fits the game so well, so I went to the discord server and asked if they thought about integrating with DCity.

"I also thought it would be very cool if BATTLE token is integrated with one of the cards... Like how the Brewery card produces the token BEER. Or like how SplinterFEST event gives you a chance of a random DiCE Splinterlands pack. Just random thoughts I had..." -- Me on Discord.

@thegoliath answered, that I can already buy & sell with BATTLE in DCity.

I can confirm you can buy and sell cards with BATTLE.
Double checked after getting 1400 for selling 3 cards and my hive engine balance jumped up.
So if you or anyone here wants to sell or buy DCity cards with BATTLE, then just add it as the token by typing it. You can search the market and see I am trying to give it more visibility by listing for it.

I can confirm, by typing BATTLE in search you can see the listings, and by typing BATTLE in the selling menu you can add it to the Market. I'll probably help by listing something too! @thegoliath~

Possible Integrations?

Then @Agr8buzz confirmed BATTLE's state with DCity, it seems that while there's no mining or events using BATTLE. The Card ProGamer was born from the discussion of both teams.

"when Gerber made the ProGamer card we talked about all the options. mining tokens through cards was already being done and gerber wanted to go in a different direction, something a little more unique, so ProGamer was born.

He confirmed what @thegoliath mentioned:

"you can buy and sell cards with BATTLE its just not very obvious because it doesn't show up in the drop down menu. But if you type it in it works."

And finally talked a bit about the future of BATTLE token.

"For BATTLE token to really kick off we need either our own NFT exchange or are own game. I will have funding to do one of those this spring. I'm thinking of going the game route..." --- Agr8buzz

Both I and @thegoliathToday agree that the game route is the best option. I can't wait to see where we go from there. I like how the team looks beyond HIVE blockchain. The community already has NFT series on WAX.io. After trying that blockchain, I realized why they choose it over HIVE or ETH for their NFT.

I believe that BATTLE as it is now doesn't have a lot of use cases, but the potential this community & its token has is great. I'm thinking of getting more BATTLE tokens just because I think a game will make it more valuable, but I can't recommend others to do that as well. I don't have data to backup my claim~

What do you think?

Image is a screenshot of DCity's Market looking for BATTLE listings.

Wasn't interested in BATTLE tokens due to the lack of use for it. Maybe a roadmap or some plans that will put those tokens into use would help getting more BATTLE be exchanges on Dcity too.

Yeah, a roadmap will be good.