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RE: Proposal Abuse Alert

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These are some fairly pointed accusations but I do not think they are without occasion.

I would be curious if Andrew is still holding that CEO role or maybe he hadn't updated his LinkedIn. But if he is still filling the role of a CEO. That is no trivial thing I would imagine in terms of commitment of time and energy.

Understand that others have brought up similar doubts but I have not yet reviewed enough of it to draw a definitive conclusion.

I am interested to see how this unfolds. In any case, your post may been the impetus for analysis and would say that merits my vote. Thanks

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Seeing how Linkedin is a very good job search tool and an easy way to send a resume, I don't see how anyone using it professionally would let it be neglected.

I don't plan on a career change and yet when I bought a new laptop yesterday, the first app I downloaded (apart from Coinbase, CoinGecko and Ecency) was linkedin.

Still, he should weigh in. But I don't see that happening.