Building a city brick by brick – DCity Report 25-Sep-2020 (ROI +19.045 HIVE +11.90%) | HODL Times

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I've always imagined building my own city and using mathematics for the streets and buildings in order to make it perfect. And while I will not have this opportunity in real life, I found my chance with Dcity. Thus I've decided to start a journey of building my dream city brick by brick and making the most of it. The economics are and probably will become more complex, so I will try to decipher and share some of them with you.


The investment in the city of the future was initially at 60 HIVE and with new funding poured into it is now 160 HIVE. While I will still invest from external sources (HIVE) and intend also to put at good use the revenue from the game (SIM and other tokens). No withdraw of the income will be performed until the economics are healthy enough to make it worth.

Here is the work that I've done in my city lately and the overall stats on it:

  • New investments performed only from the game rewards, I've capped my investment and until I see some fresh air breath into the game probably will keep it as is
  • Bought new building to ensure working for all citizens, keep the city green and clean – 1 x Ad Agency
  • Bought my first Worker as I just needed one to fill up the new advertising job
  • Sold some Homeless guys to keep the city healthy and safe
  • City market value over 40k SIM milestone reached (Current valuation: 41,635 SIM)
  • Taxes are still high to keep the value of SIM tokens, thus the rewards are not as expected


And an overall look of the city.

Stay tuned and keep on visiting my city.

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Keeping track of the investment is great for seeing how well it performs for your ROI % and if you want to invest more or not.

I keep a spreadsheet with all the buildings, stating lowest sell in hive and sim for each card, quantity I have, then seeing the total value of everything based on those prices and the price of sim and hive.

Haven't updated it much lately as I am barely selling any cards for a while, any I do tends to start going into some more sim or investment options.

Indeed when the market it slow it doesn't bring too much motivation to keep the tracking up to date. But when there is hype again that will change.

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Citizen, it appears excitement surrounds the raising of the SIM price on the market! Already the taxes have begun to lower, it is too soon to tell the results, but if we can keep the energy high the INCOME taxes may come right back down by themselves!