LEO Market Capitalization just jumped over 200,000$ in a day

in LeoFinance8 months ago

Market Capitalization for LEO continued to increase from the moment the wLEO launch on Uniswap was announced and the community gained more traction either from existing members, new members or other communities. Everyone invested one way or another in LEO by staking, participating in Liquidity Pool (or preparing for it), Mining or blogging to gain some more precious LEO tokens. And all of this seems to start rewarding those involved and like a premiere of what is to come the price just spiced up in one day.


If just yesterday the LEO Market Capitalization was about 500,000$ when I looked today it surpassed 700,000$ and will probably continue to grow. Not much time until it will reach 1,000,000$ which I think would be a first major milestone for what it was envisioned for LEO ecosystem. And from there forth probably the buzz, the liquidity on the Uniswap market and gaining more customers will keep the uptrend.

We are living great times for this community which lifted itself through strong concepts and applications and which probably will lift Hive as well. This is one angle we all can benefit from and we might see this blockchain rewarded for the true value it provides.

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