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RE: CINETV Airdrop

in LeoFinance4 months ago

will there be a community or are you just sticking with a tribe?


Yes. Soon.



Not my tribe. Take your salty comments somewhere else.

idk, i thought it was pretty funny

Totally cause I make nothing from this, so so much greed.


well, is it your tribe or is it not?

It is not. I am helping out.

fair point (though it does appear that you are in fact making something from it based on that 2m team fund)

anyway, my greed image post wasn't meant to be seen as an attack but more so a statement on the strange tokenomics and complete disregard for an existing community

could've been cool to have contributed to something like this and found ways to reward some people that have been active in the area and expanded upon it, but it seems that was never an option

naturally this is a blockchain in which you're all free to do as you please, but again, it would've been nice to have collaborated and expanded upon something already existing in a way that actually benefits the demographic, rather than now potentially splitting it