10/30 Days Blogging Challenge Pt 02 Ep 10 :- Prediction Time: What Will Happen In 5 Years.

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This world as we know it is gradually coming to an end, various points in history has come to show that as an inevitable stance. From the prophetic book of Nostradamus, to the message received by the 3 Fatima children which was delivered to the pope and kept secret till date, in the mid-15th century, we've heard of a Sophia who showcased in every way gift like that of Jesus Christ, her prophecies also was kept hidden from public eyes.

Can we now go to the recent ones we have available inside the Bible? The book of Daniel and Revelation is filled with many end-time statements which wasn't meant to scare Christians on earth but warn them of an impending danger ahead. The truth as earlier said is "we have come to the close of the age".

In view of this, some things are bound to happen in years to come.

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1. Full Cashless Policy, E-money

Presently, you and I can still pay our tfare and buy some things around us with fiat, even the stakes we have on many Crypto platform was bought with fiat, but I'm seeing a future here where everything will be online, when I say, everything, I mean everything. One of the setback of online transactions in my country is network, transactions processing, charges and many more. With new crypto project coming on and banks initiating an intra-bank free charges. It is imminent that we are looking at an all on-line lifestyle when it comes to spending.

An app might be created that links all banks together under one roof the same way you have trust wallet covering all your Crypto token which will help to facilitate this a lot.

2. More Virus, More Cure, More Pandemic, More Measures

I am not sure we have seen it all yet, it's looking as if this is just the beginning of things like this, more controversial lifestyle, deadly diseases with no cure, more vaccines for more diseases and more breakthrough in medicine to provide for them. In time to come, our lives will be governed by the government and the pharmaceuticals, they'll dictate to an extent how we live and interact. The fear of many pathogens and vectors will lead to more and more secluded lifestyle as we have seen with the covid-19.

3. A Life At Home

Many people will be living from home as the pandemic has just taught us, it's going to be a life where more than 70% of the population will be working from home. Every establishment will keep on having lesser and lesser on-hand personel to deal with issues. Robotic diagnostics will be more dependable than human diagnosis. Very less work will be left for humans to do thereby leading to a work-at-home lifestyle.

4. A One-world Order

Enough of the one world conspiracy, the one world order and illuminati will no more be an hidden secret, they will be as open as we have Christians and Muslims all around. The increasing number of teenage who are interested to join occultic organization starting at witch, Wicca, wizard levels are increasing day by day. One of the most popular social media site :Tiktok has proven this to be true. Large number of teenagers are leaving there traditional Christian and Muslim background for the intuitive interest in casting spell, curses, performing magic and so on. Thanks to the movie Twilight

5. Bitcoin Won't Be King Anymore

Despite Bitcoin being the king of all crypto coins for now and it's the ultimate yardstick for all crypto tokens, it won't be in years to come, we are already seeing this bit by bit, Ethereum did this some days ago, Yearn Finance has done it too. More tokens with some badass project and mad price fluctuations are still coming onboard. Though Bitcoin will continue to be respected among all coins as the Lion in the jungle of cryptocurrency, but more Elephants, Whales, sharks, Piranhas are coming with some crazy out-of-this-world strategy and some token burn strategy to keep there tokens up and running.

This are just few things I'm sure will happen in give years to come. Hive will be $10 by then too.

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