Where to from here? Starting Year 2 - IAAC day 123

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Hello everyone,


Before I start I want to welcome the latest two members to the Curation Trail. @familyhistory & @gurseerat. You have been set to receive votes on your posts. 25 percent upvote from me on at least one post a day, every day. That will be also followed by the trail with upto 37 votes. Yes 37 people in the trails now. What an exciting way to start year two.

So, where to from here? UP UP UP. Continue on, continue showing up everyday, blogging everyday and doing a video everyday. Writing about what I know. And sometimes I am sure what I don't know. lol

I will continue to build and promote My Hive Swag Store. My goals with the store are simple, use the income from FIAT to buy Hive, building my Hive, maybe launch it's own community and tokens in the coming months. At least before the end of year 2. Goals! Gotta have goals, something to aim for.

Speaking of Goals. My Dolphin Dreams: 2383.482 HP out of 5K. Needing 2616.518 HP over the next 148 days for a daily average of 17.6791756757 HP.

I will continue to work my Click Track Profit Business.

I will continue to help @nathanmars with his push of Hive on Twitter.
Don't forget you can follow me on twitter: Join me on Twitter

And a whole lot more (I hope).

Have a great day everyone.


Heppy to be a part of the trail....
The account doesnot have the much hive power but I (@guurry123) have tranfered the CTP token to the gurseerat account (and staked) so mow more then 1100 token are in account to help the trail... I will transfer some more token also....

Fantastic. Welcome aboard.


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Welcome aboard @familyhistory & @gurseerat good growing :)


I truly appreciate your efforts Bradley