CC126 - Play to Earn - Accumulate SLP Potions on Axis Infinity

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A lot of folks believe is a waste of time playing games and you better get out for doing something more productive. I can understand this rhetoric because when I was young I spent hours playing in front of the TV making no pennies at all.

Now with the advance of technology, blockchain has changed the rule of the game. You can play and you cannot replicate the assets you receive while playing.

It is a truly fundamental change!

Axis Infinity collecting SLP

To play this game, you need to buy 3 Axies in the free market. You need to download and install a software, then you can play in adventurous mode or fight on the battlefield with other players.

To do so, you need to have strong Axies, mine are weak for that purpose. So I only play the adventurous mode collecting SLP, increase my Axies levels, and advance on the map.

The best part, the SLP (Small Love Potion) has a monetary value on the market that you can trade for others crypto or fiat money.


Now playing a game can bring money to the table, it is not waste anymore. This is possible with blockchain technology.

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