CC133 - WOW Made $28 Profit with SLP of Axis Infinity

in Project HOPE7 months ago

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00:00 Introduction
00:07 SLP on CoinGecko
03:06 My Axis Infinity dashboard
06:37 Uniswap SLP/DAP liquidity pool


You might have heard of the nice concept of play to earn and receive something wonderful for your time while having fun playing.

I accumulate 950 SLP so far and build a small income on this wonderful game that is very cool.

What I convert on this video

I tried the swap feature and exchange my SLP tokens for another crypto. It is important to take a profit and not always wait forever for making it happen!

In this video, I show the steps involved where I swapped 948 SLP to around 37 DAI (Stablecoin).

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