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I like to support the crypto companies that support me, one way I o this is purchase merchandise when I can afford it. So far I have accumulated a coingeko T shirt, Brave hoodie I'm literally wearing right now that Brave browser literally bought me $45 plus tax and shipping all paid for in BAT. Some stickers from Weedcash and A ledger hard wallet, Though not crypto I also have a bunch of WaxLiquidizer (For Free) merch due to my weedcash blog featuring their product #sponsord .
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Show your support and most importantly make attempts to get ahold of the companies you like. While most of the time you get PR public relations staff they can help get you in contact with the appropriate staff. You wont always get a sponsor or merch for free but it is possible it helps both you the content creator and the company to have a dialog.


This is something most of us are guilty of the assumption that say a youtubers sponsored channel or video is something that is difficult to achieve. It is not as difficult as you might believe simply look for products of companies you utilize and ask are the advertised for. Assuming the answer is no then try to contact the company in question the odds are the less you hear of them the more likely they will jump at the opportunity for good press.

Build a portfolio of work

Personally I dont have much Hive or Leofinance time in comparison to say publishOx or All total I have written around 600 posts 400 of which can be considered product reviews or overviews. These are all monetized either through the site I'm posting on or sponsors none of this figure is made up of personal content purely for business. Many crypto companies allow for public use of their image or brand in the form of press packets This is helpful It alows you to build a portfolio of reviews of brands that have legally allowed you to do so.


Promoting these types articles gives a potential sponsor a better opinion of your popularity though not necessarily reliant on subscriber numbers. Dont Lie but information is power things that they want to know are not always your faults only divulge the information that looks good or when requested.

Final Tips

Though your trying to get a sponsor dont ever make this the priority of your reason for contacting them. Most small companies have their product logo copy righted but no press packet because its not something you think of. Their Terms of service probably stipulates no unauthorized reproduction or use of the image. Unauthorized is the key word your seeking authorization to utilize their brand opens more doors than I want a sponsor. Finally your selling yourself most of all remain professional try to present confidently your previous projects playing to your strengths.

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