Back from a Break: Thoughts on Markets/Hive

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Back from a Break

Back from a break and I'm making my first post after quite a long break from Hive. It's been over 30 days since my last post, makes me wonder how much traction I lost since I was pretty active up until I fell off.

I've been taking a break and living under a strict diet. At first, it was pretty difficult but it's beginning to get much more manageable. I thought I'd only do this for 6 weeks max, but I think I'm going to shoot for 12 weeks...

Crypto Markets

The crypto markets seem pretty consistent with my psychology but I feel like it copied me this time. Since I've taken a break the markets have been pretty stagnant. I made a pretty bad move though, which may have contributed to my lack of enthusiasm in the markets.

I still have a feeling ETH 2.0 is going to be a huge driver of any new surge. That's an explosion in the entire altcoin market that could happen probably any day now (at this point, but Christmas is more likely).

Thoughts on Hive

Hive however, looks like a buying opportunity but I'm kind of waiting to see how much it can bleed.

I'm not really sure what will ever be the huge catalyst which brings boatloads of new money into Hive.

I feel like most of the liquidity is just from current active Hive users. It's pretty rare new big whales come but when it happens it's a pretty nice treat!

That being said, I'm still a huge fan of Hive and this is probably a good buying range if you ask me. I'm glad now I didn't go as hard as I planned too earlier this month, since I bought a little bit at 1475 sat!


I've been so inactive that I've also been away from the Mancave discord, my bad guys... I'm still alive!

Pretty cool to see all the new updates from you guys! For those that don't know, the BRO token is officially going to be in limited supply so you best buy now!

H-E Tokens

Source: H-E

It's been a nice surprise to see H-E tokens like NEOXAG and PAL going up! I'm a big fan of those! I recently implemented a new curation strategy to use an alt to vote in those communities. This way I can maximize my whale status while earning more rewards...

H-E tokens are scary to buy but so rewarding to profit from! Otherwise, it's been pretty stale but that was to be expected with the recent implementation of HF24. Maybe I was in a way taking a break to see how that may or may not disrupt Hive as far as I see it.

Feeling better

I'm feeling better about a lot of things, including bitcoin but most importantly my health! I got worried for a minute there but I was eating pretty poorly. That's since all changed and feeling much more in optimal health! It's best to take care of your health before your body forces you too, I hate learning that lesson!

That's all friends!


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yeah man I was waiting for your new post an that was a long break

So, that's what happened.

Thought something happened to you.

welcome back and thanks for your thoughts.


Welcome back! Don't leave us never ever again... See what happened with the price and everything... All collapsed... :)

haha I feel like it was totally my fault then look I come back and bitcoin go boom!

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