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Today is the 15th of september 2020 and a lot of exciting things are happening on the Hive Blockchain.

  • @jongolson and @blainjones have just launched the new website The Hive Guide. It's a great tool to onboard new people on Hive and to explain them how everything works. I haven't gone through all the lessons yet but I've been told that there is even a lesson about the CTP Swarm booster. So I'm quite excited about that :-).

  • Then it's end of the Season at Splinterlands and we can soon open our reward chests.

  • But it's also halftime for the first phase of the CTP Swarm Booster. There are only 15 days to go during which you can contribute Hive to get CTPSB tokens at the beginning of the next month.

Big jump since the last update

Since the last update, 4 days ago, the account made quite a big jump. It passed from 1183 to 1601 Hive Power which is quite amazing. The total Hive power, delegation included passed from 13'093 to 14'350 HP.

Only 900 HP to reach our next goal

We have our second goal to reach which is 2500 HP and we need just 900 more HP to get there.

How you can contribute ?

You can still contribute simply by sending Hive to the @ctpsb account or you can set the @ctpsb account as beneficiary of your posts.

The Tabs (15.09.2020 9h20 CET)


If you have delegated to the project and there is a 0 next to your name, it is because your delegation was made less than 8 days ago and therefore it couldn't generate any curation rewards that would be added to your tab. You will probably see the numbers increase in the next updates.

Learn more about the CTP Swarm Booster:

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Latest CTPSB News 16.9.2020 (09h00 CET)

Total Hive Power on the @ctpsb account: 1,816 HP
Total Hive Power delegations included: 14,567 HP

It nice to see steady growth of the @ctpsb account! Can we reach 5K? :)

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This is Awesome Content, and it will be manually curated with an upvote of 65% from @thisisawesome (will be done today), and it will also be included in our Awesome Daily Curation report in category Awesome CTP Curation for more visibility.

The goal of this project is to "highlight Awesome Content, and growing the Hive ecosystem and the CTPtalk tribe by rewarding it".


5k would be great and we would have one more dolphin account in the tribe ;-).

Thanks a lot for your comment!

To everyone that has invested in the CTPSP, remember to always give it 100% upvote this will increase the value of your investment.
Isn't it so @achim03?

This is indeed a very good consel! The upvotes will give value to the posts and this value will increase the value of the token. So yes you are totally right about that and I will probably write a post about that :-)

Thanks a lot for your comment!


Thanks a lot for stopping by and your support!


Keep up
Ctp is on fire
Excited about The Hive Guide
Good luck to hit your target pretty soon!

Yess CTP is on fire 🔥 !!!

Thanks for your comment!

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