EDS inflation proof HIVE income tokens are now for sale - Search EDS on hive-engine

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Click this click to go to the EDS market on hive-engine.

People of HIVE. My name is Eddie Earner, I am a simple man and I am transbee. For those not aware of transbee's, it basically means I identify as a bumblebee. This means I never take the suit off, I only eat honey sandwiches and sometimes I run around the house flipping my arms and making bzzzzzz noises. I live alone cause my girlfriend broke up with me cause she said the suit and bee noises was much during intercourse. Anyways, what was i talking about? Ohh yes, im launching my EDS tokens right now for sale on hive-engine. I guess you wonna know more about EDS tokens and why you what some. Ok, I'll talk about that.

How it all started


You see my busy bees, it all makes perfect sense. Who does not like a consistent HIVE income hitting their wallets every week without fail, when you on holidays, when you're busy with life are even if you're dead. If you hold EDS and your dead, i will still send you a HIVE income every week. What do you think about that?. The honey on the cake is income payments will increase as the account grows more powerful. Having pre-sold over 5000 EDS tokens, I, Eddie Earner have already increased total HP by 2.6% even before launching so that means im like queen bee are something?....right? Yea, deffo queen bee, but a dude queen if there is a name for that.

You will receive 12% per year and your income increases by around 10% every year as well. Ohh, and it's 100% passive, no staking required, just have them in your HE wallet. It could not be easier to earn passive HIVE income.


I should have said that there will only be 20,000 of these available during the first round of token issuing and 5000 were sold during the pre-sale but there is just under 15,000 left for grabs and might not even issue any more than 20k on hive-engine, I might airdrop some, I might not. I will decide when I see how much demand there is for EDS first. I mean I would never advise anyone to FOMO but if there ever was a time, it might be time to FOMO buy some of these. You can buy up to almost 15,000 if you like just grab a few to be involved.

Passive income is a highly sought after investment and I understand that a passive income token/investment is only worth anything if your income retains it's spending power. EDS tokens are inflation-proof meaning income increases as my account grows it's HP balance.


How to buy and earn income payments

  • Click this click to go to the EDS market on hive-engine.
  • Buy as many as you would like are an afford
  • Hold them in your wallet
  • Receive an ever-increasing income HIVE payments every Monday evening at 10pm UTC
  • The longer you hold, the more your income increases

For full details, please see my introduction post. Find the link below


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naEDS Token pre-sale is over - Over 5000 HIVE powered up pre launch!click here
  • EDS tokens are now available - Please send 1 HIVE per token wanted to @eddie-earner - no memo required

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Very good @eddie-earner. We're off and running! Your "band of brothers" are significant HODLers and looking forward to seeing this initiative succeed!

P.S. Was that you, by any chance, that bought 1 EDS, so your initiative's supporters would see some value on their EDS holdings in the HE wallet?


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hehe, no i did not buy the token :) I see we are flying and sold another 1, haha

We will make money from stuff the longer the project runs. The small limited 20k issue is to make it easier for us to increase income payments quicker. It's easy to earn 20-30% on a 20k HP balance but hard on a 200k HP. There is genuis in my method :)

I have never had friends before so for me, old Eddie Earner to have a band of brothers, i feel blessed and the air in my face is like gods breath. Life is good, thank you for your support Bro :)

Hola eddie-earner,

Gracias por destinar correctamente el 100% de las recompensas de está publicación a HP y ayudar al crecimiento de tu cuenta.

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I sent you 250 hive buzzing in your wallet yesterday but have yet to receive the tokens... and now I can see them on hive-engine.

Anything I can do?

Yes my friend, keep doing whatever you are doing already :)

My bad, i did not check the wallet but you should have your tokens in your account now :) Thank you

Off to a very good start. We will see how long until people realize how valuable these can become.

The first payouts might get the ball rolling a bit.

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Let's hope so as not many tokens issued in the past day. The pre-sale was amazing so at least we are off to a good start.

If it takes a few months to issue 20k, so be it, im ok with that.

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Im aiming for 10k replies. I think i need to start a contest :)

That would be a great idea for poor people like me who would love to have a chance to WIN some of these amazing tokens ... but can't jump on because of a lack of power to buy in.

Anyway ... congrats on this flying start @eddie-earner

Haha step by step you are getting there @eddie-earner😉

Congratiulations on this flying start ... off to great heights!

Snagged another 25 of the tokens! I almost forgot about the project, good thing you sent that thank you note to my wallet! I’m hoping to get to around 50 tokens before I step back and see how it’s going, off to a decent start though at 35 tokens! Thanks!