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If you have been following for quite some time, you may have noticed that I was posting about my daily life during the lockdown and RMCO period. And today I thought maybe I should put an end to that title... Even though we are still in the RMCO period now... Just that I think I have enough counting the days... (Well, it's just me getting lazier to keep track... Lol)

So one of the skill I learn, well this one is still in the learning and doing process... Is trading... Yup... Ya, as per the title today, I am writing about trading again and of coz I am sharing my referral link again... 🤣🤣🤣

The price of the BTC (and most of the coins except for BAT, maybe there are others but this is the one that I know) has been on a roller coaster ride... Going down and up... Down and up... Down and up... If you are doing spot trading, this is an excellent time to trade... (This is not a financial advise! I am just sharing my two cents.)

If you are in Malaysia, you can try this spot trading at Luno (one of the licensed exchange here in Malaysia). What is spot trading? The easiest way to say this is buy and sell. And the way to earn is buy low sell high.

I found this out today actually... There is no transaction fee for the buy and sell in Luno (if the buying and selling price is not the market price and is not near the market price).


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Oh yes, it is indeed time to put a end to this entire lock down.
We really have got to move on and try to live the new life.
Take care Eliza

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