Opinion: our policy makers

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         The other day, I got a letter from the IRS. For plebs like me, it's more confusing than a concern. It's not like I make a lot of money. Had I receive the letter after filing next year's taxes, a bit of fear makes sense. For the sake of surprise, you could say I felt like this meme:

         I opened the letter, I saw the date.

         For anyone that's curious, notice 1444-C is about the economic stimulus in USA. Why am I receiving the letter 3 weeks late is a completely different question. I never expected government to be efficient anyways.

         Then, I read the letter. At first, I was a bit excited. To be fair, I got off my overnight shift and was a bit tired when I read this.

         Wow! More stimulus? Sign me up!

         Of course, something didn't seem right. The letter was referring to an action signed in March. I started asking around. Finally, @nealmcspadden clarified that I most likely had already gotten it. Searching my bank transactions, I found the transaction back on March 17. Part of me felt like the disappointed black guy.

         Revisiting this letter, I realized there were so many things wrong with our policies. The trillions of dollars printed last year are already affecting price of some goods. Sometimes, I don't know if my assets are appreciating or numbers are going up because of inflation.

         It bothered me that the government is having trouble reaching out to everyone. I got my direct deposit within a week because I e-file my taxes and whatnot. So, the IRS already had my information. It's hard for me to fathom that a great number of people in the US use less efficient methods. One of the most developed countries in the world has some of the worst payment systems for its citizens.

         It's not a surprise, all my friends overseas look at me weird when they see I still use cards with chips for payment. I know some of you will jump at the opportunity and say, "crypto fixes this!"

         Sure it does. The point is that my country is not even using the best systems the rest of the developed world is currently using. What does that say about our policies and our people? It's as if we are in a constant state of delusion that we are the best and will stay the best. We may have the "best military" now until a rude awakening.

         Our private sectors can only go so far before our own people, and government, push them out for some woke agenda. You know, other countries like Russia, China, etc. would love to have some of US's biggest companies. To have them reside and headquartered in their jurisdictions.

         Or, all that is here is some guy's hyperboles.

         Bottom line is, the letter made me feel like my country is a bit pathetic and behind the times. Other countries are seeking ways to dethrone the USD. Many scoff and think that's impossible. Look, USD isn't going anywhere as long as the country stands. But, to think it won't lose dominance by having terrible monetary policies is foolish.

         I got this letter 2 months after Biden signed the order. Three weeks later than the date stamped saying something should happen in 7 days. Best of all, it's like they don't even know who already got the money. Or is this letter some sort of vanity thing?

         'Murica, I guess.

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I have never obtained "unformal" paper letter in my life. I would have been good if I were to obtain such style letter one day (I dont live in America).
Best wishes.

It's a waste of paper and resources when you think about it.

It's notifying me of something that happened months ago and it seems as if the government has no idea whether or not I got my money.

Not exactly confidence inspiring.

Well the government was always slow and I don't know how much I can truly trust the current financial system. I do remember hearing that the code running the backbone of the financial system is super old and that only a handful of people know how to develop code for it. And one fact that is that they are all really old and pretty much retired at this point.

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Yeah, we are probably using things from decades ago.

This is why we need CBDCs...so they can put stimulus in everyone's wallet directly.

Or that is what they will tell us anyway.

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As long as we can still maintain control of our own, non-government linked, wallets, I prefer the efficiency.

Who would have thought that throwing money around would end up causing inflation and increase prices ? 'Merica be like: surprised pikachu

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I think many knew inflation was coming. But, fake news press likes to say otherwise.

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