My friend's Job Dilemma that you may had too!

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A friend of mine works in the IT industry and to be more exact in the security sector. He works at a company that provides security services to other companies of any size and sometimes they send some of the employees there to be "responsible" for the specific services they offer.

So my friend is that kind of employee who is basically outsourced to one of their clients which is a big corporation in Greece, very well known to everyone, but that's confidential!

He works there for almost 3 years and in these years the corporation had face some cyberattacks that with the help of my friend they managed to counter and save the day.

So even though he has done all of these and he is very acknowledged for his deeds in the company he provides the services he is still underpaid by the "mother" company. That's why he is thinking it's about time to make a talk or start searching for another company.

He already sent a cv to a company a friend of his works for, that is basically an IT security as well. The exact position is for someone to create security type of challenges for other clients and from what he told me there are some great benefits along the way.

Benefits like a laptop, phone, 10% raise each year and free training but when i asked him if he was certain he told me that he wasn't. Ahh he also spoke with the chief of IT security in the company he provides the services.

They told him that he indeed is extremely useful to them and that they can give him 2 options. The first one is to let the "mother" company that they want to continue their partnership with him and that they should give him a raise because he is very good or he can quit and work for them.

Here is that catch though. Working for them may give him quite the stability but as that chief told him, he may have the same salary for years before a good raise. He gave as an example himself that after 7 years he received his first raise.

So now he has the following Dilemmas:

  1. Stay in the company he is only if they give him a good raise of around 250+ euro per month

  2. Quit and go to the other company that will provide him with working stability and a good environment but not a great salary and many chances to get higher

  3. Go to the other IT Security company that has also a good environment only if he receives an offer with a salary of a little bit higher than the current one.

My Advice

So my advice was to just wait till he receives the proposals. The IT industry is on fire right now and it is quite easy to find a job in that field. If he managed to have an interview with the last company i told him to ask specifically about the salary, raises and benefits in general.

Then i suggested to him that he shouldn't be settled with an offer of the same amount of money or just a little bit above his pay. I also told him that at this point of his life he shouldn't go to the company with close to 0 chances of raise and further development.

So either stay where he currently is if the pay is good enough for him, meaning above 250 euros, or if we see that the proposal he receives from the last company is a decent one, he can go there!

What Are your Thoughts? What Would you Advice him? Have you ever been in a position like this?

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Honestly, tell him to leave the country.
The game in Greece is rigged against IT workers 😞

As a software developer, in Greece I was earning less than a hairdresser. In the UK, I earn more than a member of the UK parliament.

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xaxaxa ston diko m tomea ligotera k apo serbitoro :P

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Depends on many things, but if it's just him ... and not a family related thing, I would give him the advice to go where the money is.

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