HLS tool - A new friend in growth of Hive Communities

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Since long I was thinking of writing about this topic of HLS tool.
HLS basically stands for Hive Layer Stats (HLS). It is developed by @amr008. It is a wonderful tool which helps in analysing various aspects of second layer tokens.


This tool is a very important for the authors who are serious about the growth of their account.

There are multiple analytical features available in this tool. But the best one i feel is the Post Rewards.

There are two ways of checking the post rewards. First method is where you can check projections of rewards for single post. Secondly you can also check all the expected rewards for author account.

I like to check my post rewards. This is because I like to see how my posts are performing on different platforms.

While writing the post, i love to add the tags of different communities like #sportstalk, #stem, #ctp or even #leofinance. Once the content is posted in these communities, it gets upvoted by the bots or the human curators too.

This helps me to understand what is the worth of the votes i have received in terms of hive. This is important. You understand your projected rewards in Hive.

However, i have a small suggestion for @amr008. When i see the projections in hive, i guess the curators rewards are not separated and ideally i feel that should be separated too as that money never enters into my hive wallets. Cutting the curation rewards can help the users to understand the exact amount.
Looking at this tool, i often feel good about the expected revenues but the actual amount that lands in my wallet is almost 50% lower.

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Also is it possible to get the excel data? Mine unfortunately reports ecceny versions as different front ends

This is really cool, can you push it past 30 days?

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This is a valuable tool, even i use this from its inception. I use it to find out the author rewards but more than that i use the community function.

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