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RE: Paid surveys in Steem - your opinion?

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Any idea what does it mean? Do they pay in some crypto? I wonder how much this "coin" is worth.

10'000 of these coins are worth 1 USD. You can ask for a payout once you have collected 100'000 coins (=10 USD). Paiment will be in BTC at the daily course. I find this quite elegant because the website doesnt' have to hedge BTC prices. When it needs to pay it can simply change fiat into BTC at the days course.

The advantage with steem would be that the payout limit could be smaller since there are no transaction costs.

Very true. However I wonder how to ensure that one user can complete only one survey. One way would be to make restrictions that only users with 1000 steem (example) can participate. But that could also be easily abused. Any idea?

The surveys are shown according to the IP of the user. There are a lot of surveys that are restricted to certain countries. In addition to that it is not possible to make the same survey twice, without cheating (Proxy, VPS).

Are you actually working on building such a website already? Perhaps we should team up and try to work on it together, instead of trying to reach similar goals separately.
(I also don't want it to look like I'm stealing your idea :)

To run such a website, the script needs to be secure so that people can't cheat. I would buy an existing script which is quite expensive but seems qualitatively way above all others scripts of this type. In addition to that, it would be possible to add aditional features in the future.

A very interesting feature for example is the possibility to pay for visits to your website (PTC = paid to click). Let's say you write a steem post and you want to show it to steem users. On this website you could simply buy a packet of 100 views for a couple of cents and then 100 users would see the page. For watching the post the users would get some coins as well. This would allow to promote steem posts without going against the #newsteem movement. You pay to show the post not to upvote it. The only downside is that the post is shown in an iframe. Steemit and Steempeak don't allow iframes so the post would have to be shown over

I would love to work together with you on this ;-). I haven't done any investments yet and I'm also worried a little bit about the time commitment that it would represent.

Let's discuss it. I could easily help you get some decent support for that proposal.
However Im not sure if going with steem proposal would be a way to go. At the end of the day you want to build some business you don't want people to claim that your product has been build using "their funds" and claim that it should belong to public.

I have had the same thought process here. You are quite right that people could see this in a negative way. Why would somebody be allowed to make money using funds from steem proposal. I don't know whether this is a good idea in the end. I tought it would help marketing the page and provide some funding...

If you would be interested in discussing the project more in depth, I can gladly share with you more details ;-).