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As always, i am back with the latest rumours and news. I have time, i have willingess to share with you all, on LeoFinance first, as always.

If you think to sell your Bitcoin, think again. According to Glassnode, the whole ''bear market is coming'' was nothing else than a clever ruse aiming to make the weak hands to sell their bitcoins, and they were some, as Paypal has a field day selling a lot of Bitcoins at loss (at users loss, not Paypal, they got plenty of fees for it). The number of the wallet addresses holding more than 1000 BTC went up to a surprising 2140, as Bitcoin got dumped from 42k to 30k (200 more wallets just in the last 2 weeks). Meanwhile, in the real worlds, 50% more financial advisors invested in crypto, with almost 10% of portfolios being exposed to cryptocurrency. 15% more want to do it in 2021. And overall, 81% showed interest asking about crypto (Survey made on 1000 US based financial advisors). Just to prove my point, more than 10k call options were sold for BTC prices of 52k, 64k and 72k.

Nexus Mutual (you know their CEO from one of my old posts about his Metamask being hacked [here ]( and [here]( started to cover and insure wallets from Coinbase, Binance and Kraken. This is one of the good news, if you tend to keep more than $10k on the exchange wallet. My limit to feel comfortable is somewhere between 1-2k. Nexus Mutual will pay you in case of hack, if you lose more than 10% of your portfolio or if the withdrawals are halted for more than 3 months (90 days).

AAVE and DOT are going double digits up. Right now BTC is 37.7k and ETH is $1136. The market is getting once again close to 1 trillion and BTC dominance is bigger than 68%.

Indian specific crypto-trading platform and exchange CoinSwitch Kuber raised 15 million dollars on the Series A Shares offers, with the help of Ribbit Capital, Paradigm and Sequoia Capital India.

A new BTC ETF is planned to be launch in Canada - Arxnovum Bitcoin ETF - next Monday, and Gemini will be the sub-custodian of the bitcoin held by them. It is considered high risk investment, and it was not approved yet. In US all the ETF applications were turned down by SEC, but similar products were already launched in Europe. The president of EU Central Bank herself, Christine Lagarde, wants Bitcoin regulated globally, quoting the potential money laundering. Shall we tell her that Bitcoin is only quasy-anonymous, and you can follow the trail via blockchain for even and ever?

In a Twitter debate, Uniswap is complaining about Sushi stealing its clients, until the colective memory remind them gently that Uniswap itself did the same when they forked out of Bancor.Network. Life is always better when you are blaiming others to be the bad guys.

Stefan Thomas, a programmer from New York, has 7002 BTC mined in 2011 and locked on his hard drive, with only 2 out of 10 changes left to guess his password. The value of these private keys is 240 million dollars right now, and he needs help. In Walles, UK, James Howells accidentally thrown in the bin a hard drive containing his private keys and a wallet with 7500 BTC, worth well over 250 million dollars, and the city council refused to help search for it, despite a 10 million reward. In conclusion, keep your private key safe and do not repeat their mistakes. Do you want more numbers? 44% of the exchange users do not whitelist withdrawal address, and 13% do not even bother with test transactions when they deal with more than 100k dollars. This is crazy, I do a test run even for $1000. [PVMihalache]( did you read this?

In China and other Asian countries, a face video showing a 21 million BTC sell order was the star of the day, going viral on WeChat (you know the Chinese Twitter). Binance accused its competitors of foul play, but no names were mentioned.

I will stop here now, just follow me if you want to find out the latest news regularly. When i am not working too much!

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