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RE: Life update: When fate fucks you in every possible way...Seems like giving your 100% every single day is just not enough.

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That's a very sad story to read. I can only help you with a small upvote and some supporting words to give you my best wishes ...

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Hehe. Thank you. I didn't write this down for the upvotes. Probably for the first time ever...Just wanted to share my story because I know there might be others out there who go through the same shit I do.

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I'm sure there are more people in almost the same shit. Probably more than we can realize. I'm not in the same situation in all things, but there are a few things I sure can relate to. And there's always something like bad, worse, worst ... but no matter what, everybody feels his own pain and problems the most.

Good that you shared your story. I hope it can help others too in their journey and know that they are not alone.

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Someone should start a contest/idea or has Covid impacted your life the past 12 months or so...people have so many stories to tell

It would be like a domino effect

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I'm not 100% sure ... but I think I've seen such a contest few months ago. I even wrote a post about that in March of this year. Not knowing how it would still affect us all in December. And much more than we could imagine. But yeah, I agree with you. It would be a domino effect. And not only in stories that would come out.

Not to speak about all economies falling like domino blocks ... I really fear the future when I think about that.

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